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House Hawkshroud

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Colour Scheme House Info Symbol
Name: House Hawkshroud
Affiliation: Imperium
Knight World: Krastellan[5b][6]
Colours: Yellow with white, red, and black decoration[1b]
Motto: 'No Request For Aid Shall Be Denied'[6]

House Hawkshroud are a Knight House of the Imperium.[1a][5b][6]


To the noble Knights of Hawkshroud, honour is the single most important virtue of all. So essential to their way of life is the esteem and reputation of their house that Hawkshroud’s Knights will honour any call to arms from those that have earned their loyalty or respect. It is for this reason that, at any given time, almost all of House Hawkshroud’s Knights are away on campaigns to uphold past alliances. Though he would never admit it, the ruler of House Hawkshroud, Viscount Tudon, fears the day that his home world of Krastellan comes under attack. With so many Knights scattered across the galaxy, his skeleton force would need significant support to defend Krastellan against a determined enemy.[1a]

Unlike many other knightly houses, Hawkshroud's Knights often bear campaign markings, army badges and other such emblems demonstrating loyalty to those they have sworn to aid. These serve as a sign of dedication to the cause of their allies, and also act to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood between the Knights and those they fight alongside. After all, House Hawkshroud is proud to stand by those that have stood by them in the past.[1b][5b][6]

After a Knight of House Hawkshroud was saved by Krom Dragongaze, the House became oathsworn to the Space Wolves.[7]

Notable Battles

Heraldry & Nomenclature

The crest of House Hawkshroud bears a sable raptor atop a white bend on a yellow background, symbolising loyalty and protection.[5b]

The ruler of the house holds the title Viscount.[1a]

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