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House Herpetrax

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Colour Scheme House Info Symbol
Name: House Herpetrax
Affiliation: Chaos
Knight World: Jedathra
Colours: Green & Gold
Motto: 'We Bow to None'

House Herpetrax is a Traitor Knight House.[1]


House Herpetrax is an oddity among Knight houses, in that they never swore allegiance to the Imperium. Their world of Jedathra was not discovered by the Explorator fleets during the Great Crusade.[2]

It is said by the house that during the Age of Strife and even millennia before, the Nobles of Jedathra were approached by individuals claiming to be the Emperor. None had shown equal mettle to the royals of Jedathra and were rejected. Over time they decried all claims of the Emperor's sovereignty over Humanity. First contact with the Imperium dates to late M36, when the Rogue Trader Cherris Draik was exploring a vast tract of space that had previously been isolated by Warp Storms. When envoys from Terra followed, they were executed and flayed, and upon the raw skins the Nobles penned their refusals. Immediately declared Iconoclasts, the Imperium launched vicious orbital bombardments against their world as well as invasions by the Imperial Guard. But in the ensuing war Herpetrax won the day thanks to strange mutations that quickly sprang through the invaders. The Warp Storms once again closed around their system and the final communique to come to Jedathra was sent by Cherris Draik as she withdrew, uncovering evidence they had worshipped Chaos for millennia. A century later, the Nobles of the House marauded through the Kreen Worlds.[2]

Notable Actions

Notable Members

  • Dam Marta - Pilots the Eternal Dread.[2]
  • Dom Kohor - Pilots Obstinate Will. Said to be a master of siege warfare and attrition.[2]
  • Dam Bahras - Pilots Unflinching Wrath. Serves as the royal executioner.[2]

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