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House Makabius

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Colour Scheme House Info Symbol
Name: House Makabius
Affiliation: Chaos
Knight World: Baroda
Colours: Dark blue with bone and gold decoration[3]
Motto: ???

House Makabius was a Knight House of the Imperium during the Great Crusade that sided with Horus during the Horus Heresy.[1]


Originating on the world of Baroda in the Coronid Deeps, House Makabius achieved supremacy during the Age of Strife in 831.M30 when it vanquished the rival House Wentorth and ended the world's eight hundred year civil war. Shortly after, Baroda made contact with the young Imperium but chose to resist, which resulted in its swift defeat by the Imperial Fists in the Battle of Arben Moor. The House pledged loyalty to the Imperium thereafter under the patronage of the Forge World of Mezoa. However due to the poor state of the House and bureaucratic slowness in their upgrading process, the Knights of Makabius saw little action in the Great Crusade and could only brood on their defeat while hearing of great victories being won by the forces of the Imperium elsewhere. Nonetheless a few Knights saw deployment as Freeblades, where they quickly gained a reputation as courageous shock troops and siege-breakers. One of these scions was Markan Hrotham, who gained the favor of Ezekyle Abaddon.[1]

Shortly before the Drop Site Massacre, Markan returned to Baroda with a message from Warmaster Horus promising glory and revenge for the neglected House. He was rejected by the ruling council of Lords of Baroda, but Markan undertook a coup with younger Knights which was successful. After seizing power, he launched a bloody purge against loyalists of the planet. Thereafter, House Makabius pledged itself to the Warmaster. Increasing the House's strength from two dozen to nearly two hundred Knights, they left Baroda shortly after, being deployed by traitor forces in the Battle of the Coronid Deeps under the command of the Death Guard.[1]

They later fought beside Legio Interfector in the Battle of Beta-Garmon.[2]

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