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House Malinax

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Colour Scheme House Info Symbol
Name: House Malinax
Affiliation: Dark Mechanicum[5a]
Knight World: Xana II[5a]
Colours: Grey/Black[2]

House Malinax is a Traitor Knight House.[5a]


After Xana was incorporated into the Imperium, the regressed Malin-Qatlu Scion bloodline was rehomed upon the world, forming the basis for the new House Malinax. Provided with both fresh machines and scions, Malinax would acquit themselves to much honour during the later period of the Great Crusade. Despite their deeds, however, their homeworld's isolationist tendencies and sinister reputation did not do them any favours, not helped by Xana's uneasy alliance with the rest of the Mechanicum. Their Scions were often deployed alongside the Titans of the Legio Vulturum, only increasing the whispers of questionable allegiances. When Xana turned to Horus' cause, Malinax followed suit.[4][5a]

During the initial years of the Heresy they played both sides, aiding Horus' forces while negotiating deals with the Imperium in secret. When these double dealings were revealed, they were they openly declared themselves traitors and suffered an attack on Xana by the Imperium which delayed the Forge World's supply efforts to traitor forces. Nonetheless, they continued to be well-supplied and had access to a variety of different Knight armors including larger numbers of rarer classes such as the Magaera and Porphyrion.[4][5a]

During the Heresy Knights of House Malinax took part in the Burning of Prospero[3], the Crusade of Iron[4], and the Battle of Beta-Garmon.[2] They are also known to save supported the Legio Ulicon during the Scouring of Arten's World, facing off against the Loyalist Knights of House Vornherr.[5c][6]

They eventually fled with their Dark Mechanicum liege-lords into the Eye of Terror at the end of the Heresy, and now operate from the Daemon World of Xana II.[1]


The Knights of Malinax are primarily bone-coloured and steel grey, with red and black markings.[5b][5c][6] Their symbol is a three-tailed scorpion.[5a]

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