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House Malinax

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House Malinax is a Traitor Knight House.

Colour Scheme House Info Symbol
Name: House Malinax
Affiliation: Dark Mechanicum
Knight World: Xana II
Colours: Grey/Black[2]
Motto: Unknown

Sworn to the world of Xana during the Great Crusade, the house followed their vassal-lords into rebellion against the Emperor in the Horus Heresy. Even before the Heresy, the house had a sinister reputation.[1]

Knights of House Malinax took part in the Burning of Prospero.[3]

After the Xana Incursion, House Malinax joined their overlords in raiding both Imperial and traitor assets. They eventually fled with their Dark Mechanicum liege-lords into the Eye of Terror at the end of the Heresy, and now operate from the Daemon World of Xana II.[1] They also fought beside Legio Tempestus in the Battle of Beta-Garmon.[2]

Known Knight Suits

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