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House Minotos

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House Minotos is one of the Knight Houses that reside on the planet Adrastapol.[1]

House Info
Name: House Minotos
Affiliation: Imperium
Knight World: Adrastapol
Colours: Orange and brass[2c]
Motto: Unknown

The Knights of House Minotos, as with the other Adrastapolian Knight Houses, make use of a rigid, explicit nomenclature to denote status within the House.[2b]

Known Actions

  • The First Ork War: When the Ork Warboss Skarjaw invaded the Knight World Adrastapol, House Minotos and the other Knight Houses of the planet worked together to destroy the Warboss' forces.[1]
  • The Betrayal on Donatos.[3]
  • The Second Ork War: 5 years after the Betrayal on Donatos, Adrastapol was once again invaded by Orks, this time led by the Death Skulls Warboss Gorgrok Killfist.

Known Knights

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