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House Radrexxus

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This page contains spoilers for: Void King (Novel)

House Radrexxus is a cunning Rogue Trader House.[1a] However, at some point the House was subverted by a Genestealer Cult known as the Starborne Sons.[1i][1j]


Once loyal to the Imperium, House Radrexxus has existed since the halcyon days of the Great Crusade. Over the years, the House found great profit and even greater adventures, eventually becoming part of an alliance of Rogue Traders known as the Davamir Compact.[1a]

In M42, Lord Commander Guilliman charged the Compact with finding a way to cross the Great Rift and access the Imperium Nihilus.[1b][1c] Shortly after announcing Guilliman's edict to the rest of the Compact, its leader, Void King Davos Lamertine of House Lamertine, was murdered in his private study.[1d] This sparked a leadership crisis within the Compact's upper echelons; the heads of some of the member houses believed Davos's heir, Erastus, was unworthy of leading the compact in its endeavour.[1e][1f] Gunther Radrexxus, the leader of House Radrexxus, chose to support Erastus alongside Katla Helvintr of House Helvintr, allowing Erastus to continue to lead the Compact.[1f]

When the remaining leaders of the Compact's Houses met to discuss their next course of action, it was Gunther that suggested the Endymica System as a potential place to search for a stable passage through the Great Rift.[1g] House Radrexxus then set off with the rest of the Compact to journey towards Endymica.[1h]

When the Compact reached the Endymica System, they found that the Fortress World of Endymica was no longer in the Imperial fold. It was then that House Radrexxus revealed their treachery, attacking their former allies and proclaiming their allegiance to the Starborne Sons and their Patriarch Voidfather.[1i][1j]





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