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House Raven

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Colour Scheme House Info Symbol
Name: House Raven
Affiliation: Imperium
Knight World: Kolossi (Former)
Colours: Red
Motto: Honour Inviolate, Kolossi Eternal![9b]

House Raven are a Knight House of the Imperium.[1a]


In M24, Alistar Raven laid the ambitious foundations of the Keep Inviolate on the world of Kolossi. So large did it loom in the minds of the house’s Nobles that it would form the basis of their heraldry. For millennia after, each new ruler of House Raven added to this massive adamantium-plated edifice, and it now stands amongst the greatest strongholds of the Imperium. In M28, Lord Grunwald formed the honourable Order of Companions. Its first leader was Lady Syrtana Raven, who saved Grunwald’s life during the Kortasa Blitz. Shortly after, the crossed blades symbol of the order was incorporated into House Raven’s crest. To this day, the most meritorious of Raven’s Nobles endure the Trial of the Companions to join the order. Three millennia later, Lord Gregor met the first emissaries from Metalica and swore enduring oaths of alliance with the Mechanicum. In exchange for skilled Sacristans, the Knights of House Raven would fight beside the Legio Metalica. Raven’s crest was modified in respect of those oaths, and the house’s strength grew under the forge world’s patronage.[8]

Today of all the Knightly Houses in the Imperium, House Raven is the largest by far. Indeed, Raven’s Knights number in the hundreds, with dozens of households ready to answer the summons of the Adeptus Mechanicus should they be called to war. Quite why there are so many Knight suits available to House Raven is something of a mystery. However, ancient records dating back to when their world, Kolossi, was first settled refer to a piece of STC archeotech that long ago fell into disrepair and was lost. Whether this STC system and Kolossi’s natural resources served as the perfect combination for producing Knight suits, or if the first human settlers merely prioritised the creation of Knight suits above all else, remains an enigma.[1a]

One of Raven's first rulers, Lord Grunwald, introduced a knightly elite within the House known as the Companions. This inner circle comprises many of the most powerful and experienced knights of the house. The majority of them are Knight Errant and Knight Paladin pattern suits. Another sub-order within the House known as the Iron Brotherhood also exists, comprising of a skilled band of Sacristans from Metalica.[1b]

In 246.M41, the Knights of House Raven crushed Waaagh! Smogbelcha on the fireplains of Voth.[4a]

During the Diamor Campaign, in 999.M41, Knights of the House Raven fought alongside the Legio Metalica against the Crimson Slaughter on the planet Amethal.[6]

During the Charadon Campaign some 4/5ths of the House left for war, leaving their homeworld of Kolossi vulnerable. The Daemon Prince Be'lakor struck, unleashing a wave of madness and darkness that consumed the world. The situation collapsed completely when several of House Raven's corrupted Knights turned on their allies, and Kolossi was lost.[11a] Since the fall of their homeworld, House Raven has pledged to fight on as a crusading house.[11b]

During the Arks of Omen Campaign, House Raven Knights took part in the relief force to Marwent's Reach after learning their hated enemy House Korvax, who has taken up residence on Kolossi, was involved in the invasion.[12]

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