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House Riathan

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House Riathan is a Knight House that stayed loyal to the Imperium during the Horus Heresy.[1]

House Info
Name: House Riathan
Affiliation: Imperium[1]
Knight World:

During Horus Heresy, they fought against the Primarch Fulgrim and his Emperor's Children Legion in the Battle of Mount Galheim. Fulgrim was also aided by the Knights of House Vyridion, who were unaware that the Primarch had fallen to Chaos and truly believed that House Riathan had turned upon the Imperium. Throughout the battle, House Riathan tried to convince House Vyridion that Fulgrim had turned upon the Emperor, but the Knights of Vyridion did not listen and many of House Riathan Knights were killed by them. It was only as House Vyridion was attacking House Riathan's last stronghold, that they were finally convinced to see the information that proved Fulgrim was fighting with those forces, that had turned against the Imperium. Despite this, House Vyridion were still not sure if the information they were seeing was correct, but when Fulgrim ordered them to attack House Riathan once again, the Knights of Vyridion refused. Instead they immediately left the battle, to journey to Terra and find out what really happened during the Horus Heresy. What became of the few House Riathan's Knights who still fought in the Battle of Mount Galheim, afterwards is unknown.[1]

Known Knights

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