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House Terryn

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House Terryn are a Knight House of the Imperium. They are led by High King Tybalt.[1]

Colour Scheme House Info Symbol
Name: House Terryn
Affiliation: Imperium
Knight World: Voltoris
Colours: Blue/Red[15]
Motto: Glory in Honour


Hailing from the tranquil world of Voltoris, the Knights of House Terryn have earned countless battle honours over the ages. Their house’s storied history is replete with tales of valour, strength and glory in battles fought from one side of the galaxy to the other. But it is said that the tedium of their daily life at Furion Peak only encourages them to campaign so far away from their peaceful home planet. Some may jest at such a notion, yet there is undoubtedly a kernel of truth behind this – after all, House Terryn is famed almost as much for the laborious ceremonies they stringently adhere to as they are for the magnificent skills their Knights display in battle. The daily intonation known as the Thousand Canticles of War Long Awaited is one such ritual, and lasts nearly three hours.[1]

Its Knights also serve in the Padah March, alliance of Knight Houses and Freeblade Knights.[17a]

Known Battles

During the Horus Heresy, House Terryn stayed loyal to the Imperium and sent their Knights to fight the Chaos forces of the traitorous Warmaster.[11] They fought beside Legio Astorum in the Battle of Beta-Garmon.[15]

It is known that at some time after the Horus Heresy, Voltoris and House Terryn were separated from the main Imperium. The formal reunification of Terryn and Imperium occured in 239.M35.[13b]

In M41, House Terryn has come to blows with the Tau Empire on multiple occasions due to their Homeworld Voltoris' proximity to the Eastern Fringe. These include the invasion of Voltoris and the Prefectia Campaign.[9] They later came to the aid of Ultramar in the Plague Wars.[12]

In M42, the House rallied against the Necrons over the dispute regarding Amontep II[14a]. Its forces have also taken part in the War of Beasts on Vigilus[18]. The House also took part in the Battle of Ordex-Thaag, as part of the Padah March, under the command of Baroness Sordhen.[17a]

In the Indomitus Crusade, House Terryn elements took part in the War in the Pariah Nexus.[19]


Barons of House Terryn can be identified by a pair of white vertical stripes on their carapaces, while their Vassals feature a plain carapaces.[13a]

Known Knights


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