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House Ty

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'Have that bed destroyed,' he said to the attendants. 'Or better yet, clean it up and send it to Lord Ту as a birthday present.' The attendants scribbled furiously. It didn't matter whether it was Ty's birthday or not. None of Helmawr's attendants would ever contradict him.
-Lord Gerontius Helmawr on the edge of sanity during his final years.[4]

House Ty is one of the seven Noble Houses of Necromunda's Hive Primus.[1]

Spyre Hunters

Like the sons and daughters of most Noble Houses, young Tys are sent in Spyrer teams to the Underhive (teams of seven young noblemen in House Ty custom) to prove themselves tough and resourceful enough to take their place among the ruling families.[2][3]

In preparation for the hunt, the young nobles learn the rudiments of combat in their hunting rigs during practice bouts with each other and members of the House Ty militia.[2]

Notable Tys

Known resources