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House Ulanti Courtier

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House Ulanti Courtier[2]

House Ulanti Courtiers are Nobles of House Ulanti, who are sent to the Underhive to oversee important dealings or to observe the endeavors of its subjects and allies.[1]

They bring with them their talents for conflict resolution, as well as House Ulanti's vast amounts of wealth and influence. This can be a boon to a Clan House or Guilder family Ulanti is allied with, but having a Courtier shadow them can have risks as well. Should the Courtier be killed for example, Ulanti's allies would have much to answer for. Fortunately, House Ulanti's Courtiers are usually trained duelists, who carry the House's finest weapons, and they bring their Mirror Mask bodyguards with them as well. These augmented warriors wear hologramatic masks to look like their masters and are designed to confuse assassins. The masks also have the added effect of making the Courtier look good and they will claim credit for any impressive combat feats perpetrated by their Mirror Mask.[1]

In recent times, numerous House Ulanti Courtiers have traveled to the Underhive to look for the Noble outcast, Princess D'onne Ulanti. She remains the House's number one enemy, but those Courtiers who have encountered D'onne were later sent back to the House in pieces.[1]