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House Vornherr

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Colour Scheme House Info Symbol
Name: House Vornherr
Affiliation: Imperium
Knight World: Luhnborg IX
Colours: Red/Yellow

House Vornherr is a Knight House of the Imperium based on Luhnborg IX. During the Great Crusade, they were sworn to Ultramar.[1]


House Vornherr emerged victorious on Luhnborg IX's one thousand-year war during the Age of Strife, defeating six other Knightly Houses and uniting the rest of the Luhnborg System. Records speak of heinous acts committed in these wars, which are one of the few black marks on the honourable House's history.[4]

Upon encountering Imperial Rogue Traders, Duke Khorvun Bhaevenwulf agreed to willingly join the Imperium. The House gained infamy during the Great Crusade and fought alongside the Ultramarines in the 12th Expeditionary Fleet, gaining a high degree of infamy and respect. One of their most infamous engagements was the First Scouring of Jardingris, during which they fought alongside Roboute Guilliman and lost some 100 Knights in a bitter conflict. Upon the conclusion of the war, Vornherr's Grand Duke pledged himself to the Primarch and Ultramar. They subsequently fought alongside other Primarchs, such as Magnus the Red at Sophias-Mors and Rogal Dorn at Delta-Arbuthnot Landings. By the start of the Horus Heresy they were one of the largest Knight Houses in the Eastern Fringe, fielding 600 Knights. The largest numbers of these were Questoris Pattern, though a wide variety were fielded.[4]

During the subsequent Horus Heresy the House remained true to the Imperium and took part in the Battle of Calth. The House took extremely heavy losses during the battle and the House was said to have been shattered, with only a few old veterans and young squires remaining.[1]

House Vornherr fought in a number of battles during the Crusade of Iron, such as at the Defence of the Three Planets.[3] They also fought beside Legio Honorum and Legio Atarus in the Battle of Beta-Garmon.[2]

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