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House Vyronii

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Colour Scheme House Info Symbol
Name: House Vyronii
Affiliation: Imperium[5a]
Knight World: Damaetus III/II[5a]
Colours: Green with gold and cream decoration[8]

House Vyronii was a Knight House of the Imperium, active during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]


Hailing from Felweather Keep on the Knight World of Damaetus III/II, House Vyronii is one of the most ancient Knight Houses of Segmentum Obscurus. Settling their world during the Dark Age of Technology, over the course the Age of Strife the Knights of Damaetus III/II stood resolute against countless xenos invasions, most notably against the Mitu. Their homeworld itself is home to many great beasts of monstrous size, and only the Knight STC at the heart of Felweather Keep ensured the original Human colonists could survive on the planet. Over five thousand years of struggle against these horrors bred the Knight House into being notoriously sorrowful.[1]

The people of Damaetus III/II were ultimately aided in their war against the Mitu by the Dark Angels Space Marine Legion on the Great Crusade. Grateful, they joined the Imperium and the Great Crusade.[1] Despite this, they proved to be distrustful of the outside Imperium due to years of isolation.[5a]

Fighting with distinction and bravery during the Great Crusade, the House under Grand Master Jahk refused to become vassals to any specific Forge World, even when they pledged to upgrade their impoverished world. Eventually, however, Jahk realized the survival of his House depended on greater patronage, and swore service to the Forge World of Cyclothrathe. However, with the Horus Heresy secretly underway, Cyclothrathe (having sided with the Traitors against the Emperor), attempted a surprise attack on Felweather Keep under the guise of a bonding ceremony. Only through the efforts of Jahk's son, Gios, did the house survive the betrayal. Jahk was killed during the battle, however, and it fell to Gios to lead the House during the Horus Heresy on the side of the Imperium. Their most notable action was taking part in the Battle of the Coronid Deeps.[1][5a]

House Vyronii fought in a number of conflicts during the Crusade of Iron, including the Defence of the Three Planets[3] and the Battle of Drooth II.[5b] They also fought beside the Legio Gryphonicus in the Battle of Beta-Garmon[2] and the Legio Ignatum in the Siege of Terra.[6] House Vyronii also fought in the Siege of Cthonia, contributing the majority of Knight elements in the conflict for the loyalist forces.[9]

Fighting Style

In battle, House Vyronii's Knights always fight in pairs. This is a result of the legacy Vyronii earned through hard-won experience while taking part in the Great Crusade.[7]

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