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Howl of the Banshee (Audio Drama)

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Howl of the Banshee
Cover art
Author Gav Thorpe
Publisher Black Library
Released February 2014
Pages 24
Collected in Crusade + Other Stories (Anthology)
Editions February 2014 e-audio

Howl of the Banshee is an audio drama by Gav Thorpe, released in February 2014.

Cover Description

Blood Runs. Anger Rises. Death Wakes. War Calls. The eldar of Craftworld Biel-Tan go to war, amongst them the warrior-women of the Howling Banshees. Exarch Clyona and her sisters of the Deathly Wail Shrine are hurled into battle with the servants of the Blood God in the depths of an abandoned and Chaos-tainted craftworld. At stake is nothing less than the survival of Biel-Tan itself. Can the Howling Banshees defeat the daemons and save their home, or will they be claimed by death?

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