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Hrothgar (Wulfen)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Wulfen. For other uses of Hrothgar, see Hrothgar (disambiguation).

Hrothgar is a Wulfen who turned during the Siege of Fenris in the Plague of Unbelief.[1]

A Blood Claw returning to the Fang following a successful foray against the forces of Cardinal Bucharis, he and his Long Fang mentor Daegalan were set upon by a large platoon of renegade tanks. In his desperation, he regressed to a Wulfen and either killed or set to flight the various tank crews of the enemy, leaving the sole survivor to recount a horror tale of the 'Beast of Fenris'. However, in his devolved state he also attacked and killed Daegalan and even feasted upon his bones. Eventually discovered by a pack of Grey Hunters, he was bound in chains and interred within a rock cell in the heart of the Fang where he scratches at the walls of his prison and howls, alternately mourning the death of Daegalan and desiring once more to hunt beast and brother. [1]

In battle, Hrothgar tended to fight with a Chainsword and Bolt Pistol or simply used his bare hands.[1]