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Hunter-Killer Missile

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Various types of Hunter-Killer Missiles[1]

The Hunter-Killer Missile is used by the Imperial Guard,[2] Space Marines,[3] Inquisition[4] and Sisters of Battle[5] as a common upgrade for vehicles.[1]

They are effectively Krak Missiles with massively extended range, although only one can be mounted on a vehicle due to their vast size. They are also unique in that they are guided weapons with an on-board artificial intelligence, known as a "logis-engine."[1] Sensors in the missile's nose transmit information on the target and surrounding environment to the logis-engine, which guides the missile in flight by manipulating its stabilising fins, allowing the missile to match the target's movements and avoid obstacles. The missile's warhead is an impact fused shaped charge, designed for maximum armour penetration. Other instruments include an internal gyroscope for stable flight and a small battery to power the sensor and logis-engine.[1]

A variety of different Hunter-killer missiles exist, including the MkX 'Deliverance', MkVIII 'Avenger' and MkIX 'Voss' patterns.[1]

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