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What Price Victory (Anthology)

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What Price Victory
Author Dan Abnett, Darius Hinks, Andy Hoare, Sandy Mitchell, Mitchel Scanlon, Simon Spurrier, James Swallow
Editor Christian Dunn and Marc Gascoigne.
Publisher Black Library
Released 2004

What Price Victory is a collection of stories set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. It was first published in 2004 and is currently out of print.


Thorn Wishes Talon

By: Dan Abnett

Summoned to a distant world by a cryptic message and beset by Chaos worshipping enemies, Inquisitor Ravenor must survive long enough to discover why Thorn Wishes Talon.

Forever Loyal

Author: Mitchel Scanlon


Author: Simon Spurrier

Calculus Logi

Author: Darius Hinks

Crimson Night

by James Swallow

As civil unrest spreads and rumours fly, the Doom Eagles are forced to investigate exactly what manner of evil is preying on the people of Merron.


Author: Andy Hoare

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The Beguiling

By: Sandy Mitchell

On Slawkenberg, Ciaphas Cain is a long way from the front lines and that's precisely what he wanted.

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