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Hunter in the Grey

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Hunter in the Grey was a Warhound Scout Titan belonging to Legio Maledictus.[1a] Constructed on the Forge World of Alaris II and destroyed defending Crythe Primus. It was armed with an Inferno gun and a Vulcan Mega-bolter and was commanded by Princeps Arjuran Hollison and Moderati Primus Ganelon.[1a]

Hunter in the Grey was deployed to defend against an attack from the Chaos Space Marines of the Night Lords' 10th Company and was initially successful, as the Traitor Marines were unable to inflict damage on the Titan. As a result, the Titan was able to inflict significant losses on the squadron designated Seventh Claw, wiping out all but two of the marines in the squadron and crushing their troop transport, the Rhino, Carpe Noctum, beneath its foot.[1a]

However, the remaining marines of Seventh Claw were reinforced by First Claw, another squad of the 10th Company, led by Talos Valcoran. First Claw were able to co-ordinate an attack using a Thunderhawk Transporter and the Land Raider, Storm's Eye. The Thunderhawk's missiles and the Land Raider's lascannons collapsed the Titan's void shields and provided a distraction, allowing the remaining Night Lords to cut into one of the Warhound's feet and insert melta charges. On detonation of the melta charges, the Titan collapsed to the ground allowing the Night Lords to attack the cockpit.[1a]

Talos removed Princeps Hollison and later gave him to the Dark Mechanicum Tech-priest Deltrian aboard the Covenant of Blood.[1a][1b]

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