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Hunting lance

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Hunting Lance[3]

Hunting lances are single-use weapons employed by Rough Rider Squadrons of the Imperial Guard. The lance is effectively a nine foot long shaft with a shaped explosive tip. When the lance impacts with an enemy the tip explodes, increasing the killing power already behind the lance. Once used, however, the lance is rendered useless for the remainder of the battle.

These weapons are advanced versions of those used for hunting big game on the primitive worlds the Rough Riders themselves are often recruited from. They are particularly effective against riotous mobs or compact hordes of infantry. When used properly, they can prove to be more effective against heavily armoured troops than a standard lasgun. In game terms, this is demonstrated by the hunting lance's ability to bypass armour saves when the unit charges.

Lance Tips

While hunting lances are, by far, most commonly fitted with a powerful explosive charge, many variants have been implemented over the millennia.[2]

  • Inferno Tip: consists of a broad, blunt head, designed to impact as much surface area of the target as possible, rather than to puncture armour. When the lance impacts a target, promethium canisters affixed below the blade expel their contents in a burst of white-hot flame.[2]
  • Krak Tip: Consisting of a shaped charge similar to that of a krak grenade, a hunting lance krak tip explodes with even more devastating effect than the standard hunting lance charge, making its use preferable against resilient enemies such as Orks.[1]
  • Melta Tip: Devastating to armored targets, they are extremely heavy.[2]
  • Plasma Tip: Only used in dire circumstances by regiments with deep ties to the Adeptus Mechanicus. When a hunting lance plasma tip impacts a target, it triggers a containment breach of the volatile energies stored within. As with all plasma weapons, they are of dubious reliability.[2]
  • Poison Tip: Useful against xenos opponents.[2]
  • Shock Tip: Used when the Imperial Guard seeks to take prisoners, it delievers a crippling electric charge.[2]

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