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Huron-Fal was an esteemed Venerable Dreadnought in the Death Guard Legion's Second Company during the Great Crusade, and took part in the Battle of Iota Horologi against the Xenos Jorgall.[1a] Shortly afterwards, he joined his Legion, as well as those of the Sons of Horus, Emperor's Children and World Eaters, in invading the planet Isstvan III, in order to put down a rebellion raging there, and fought besides his Battle Brothers under the command of his friend Captain Ullis Temeter. Unfortunately, for Huron-Fal he was deemed too loyal to the Emperor, by his Primarch Mortarion, and was marked for death when the Horus Heresy began.[1b]

As the Legionaries continued to fight the rebellious Isstvanians, the order was given to their fleets in orbit to launch bombs filled with the deadly Life Eater Virus upon the planet. Temeter, having previously received a garbled warning from Lucius of the Emperor's Children about a bio-weapon being deployed, shouted for his forces to reach shelter in nearby bunkers as he saw the bombs descend. While the Death Guard fled for safety, Huron-Fal asked Temeter who had given the order for the bombs to be deployed, but the Captain told his old friend there was no time to explain and told the Dreadnought to get his Battle Brothers into shelter. They both soon reached a nearby bunker and Huron-Fal urged Temeter to enter the bunker before the bombs exploded, as his Dreadnought armour would protect him from the virus. Temeter refused to do so, however, while so many of the Death Guard who fought under his command were still trying to reach the safety. Seconds later, the bombs exploded and Temeter gave the order to seal the bunker before he collapsed, as the deadly virus breached his damaged armour. As his Battle Brothers who did not reach the bunkers died around him Huron-Fal gathered the dying Captain in his arms, which allowed Temeter to notice that the Dreadnought's armour was also breached. When the Captain asked why Huron-Fal had lied about his armour, the Dreadnought simply stated it was his prerogative as a Veteran to do so, as the virus continued to liquefy their bodies. With their end fast approaching, Huron-Fal told the Captain they would die together, but defiantly said it would be a death of their choosing and not one at the hands of the those who had betrayed them. Huron-Fal then sent a single burning nerve impulse, to overload his Dreadnought's reactor and the resulting explosion enveloped both of them.[1b]

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