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Hurtado Bronzi

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Hurtado "Hurt" Bronzi was the Hetman of the 'Jokers' Company of the Geno Five-Two Chiliad, a division serving in the 670th Imperial Expedition Fleet, involved in the compliance of the desert world Nurth.


Hurtado Bronzi was Hetman of Joker company, under Uxor Honen Mu, a segment of the Five-Two Chilliad. Bronzi was close friends with Peto Soneka, Hetman of Dancer company. Bronzi narrowly escaped the raiding of Visages in a transport vehicle, along with Hetman Dimiter Shiban. Shiban was killed by an Alpha Legion Astartes, while Bronzi was later revealed to have been recruited as an Alpha Legion operative.

The last time Hurtado Bronzi was seen, he was being carried off the Imperial Flagship Blamires, having been tortured for information by Lord Commander Teng Namatjira's Lucifer Black Companions.