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Hwygir was a neophyte in the Scythes of the Emperor, after the fall of Sotha. He came from the death world of Miral, and was described by his peers as a "trog-savage" and a "stunted runt".[1]


In the aftermath of the Fall of Sotha, the remnants of the Scythes of the Emperor retreated to the Miral System, initially to resupply at their outpost on Miral. While there, it was decided to recruit as many of the natives as possible, to assist in rebuilding the Chapter. Scout Sergeant Brimelow sent out teams of two Marines each accompanied by a Mirali Neophyte from the outpost to search for the indigenous tribesmen; Hwygir was assigned to Brothers Culmonios and Keltru.[2a][2b] While travelling through the jungle, the three of them were attacked by a Land Shark, which severely wounded Keltru.[2b][2c]

Following the tyranid invasion of Miral, he became a member of the 21st Salvation Team under Sergeant Tiresias, and carried the squad's heavy bolter.[1]

Upon becoming a Space Marine, he chose the name 'Culmonios' for himself.[1]

He died aboard a Tyranid Hive Ship, shot in the back of the head by a xenos bio-weapon.[1]