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Hyrkan Regiments

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The Hyrkan Regiments were Imperial Guard Regiments raised from the planet Hyrkan.[1a][3]


The first Founding from Hyrkan, approximately 20 years before the beginning of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, raised six infantry regiments for the Imperial Guard, a total of six thousand men.[1a] These proved effective enough to justify further recruitment from Hyrkan afterwards.[3]

The commander of the initial Hyrkan Regiments was General Caernavar. In addition, the chief political officer provided for all six regiments at their Founding was Commissar-General Delane Oktar, whose progressive command and discipline style was based around principles of unity, honour, and the value of the individual Guardsman. Oktar's martial philosophy was drilled into the Hyrkan officers and at least one Cadet-Commissar, Ibram Gaunt, who came under his purview.[1a]


Due to the command philosophy of the regiments, Hyrkan battle-style was based around 'selecting the right tools for the job', with a notable de-emphasis on straightforward massed infantry assaults. Before military actions, the abilities of each trooper were considered when assigning battlefield roles.[1a]

Although the Hyrkans were considered well-drilled and disciplined soldiers, they were noted by Commissar Ibram Gaunt to compare unfavourably to other regiments when it came to scouting and reconnaissance operations.[3]

Weapons & Equipment

The standard Hyrkan uniform was dark grey, with beige webbing and forage caps. Winter battledress included camouflaged gloves and greatcoats.[1a]

Though classified as infantry, the Hyrkan make use of attached field-artillery pieces.[1a]

Notable Engagements

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