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Ichar IV

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Ichar IV
Name: Ichar IV Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum
Sector: Unknown
System: Ichar System
Population: 500,000,000,000[2]
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Hive World
Tithe Grade: Exactis Extremis[2]

Ichar IV is a Hive World located in the Ultima Segmentum, to the galactic north of Ultramar. It is a vital industrial centre for the region, producing supplies for many armies. Two of the planet's major exports are ore and myco-proteins.[1]

The Second Tyrannic War

At the beginning of the Second Tyrannic War, it was infested with Genestealers. A genestealer cult, operating under the name, "the Brotherhood," instigated a rebellion on the planet that caught the attention of Inquisitor Agmar. The Brotherhood had control of the planet by the time Agmar arrived in the system. The inquisitor petitioned the Ultramarines to help put down the rebellion. Marneus Calgar, Chapter Master of the Ultramarines, arrived 39 days later aboard the Battle Barge, Octavius. Eventually, with the combined support of the Ultramarines, PDF forces and the Imperial Guard, the inquisition successfully destroyed the invasion and cleansed the planet of all Genestealers.[1] One of the Imperial Guard units involved was the 13th Penal Legion, a.k.a. "The Last Chancers."[3]

After some time massive amounts of Tyranids landed on the Ichar IV including not only mundane Gaunts, Warriors, and Carnifex's but also larger creatures like the Tyrannofex and Hierophant Bio-Titans. The Imperial defenses were reinforced again by Marneus Calgar, who using tactics he had developed in the First Tyrannic War, rallied the defenders of planet and after a ferocious struggle the Tyranids were cast from the world.[5]

Known Locations

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