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Idravain Mors

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Idravain Mors[1]

Idravain Mors was a member of the Dark Angels during the Horus Heresy.[1]

Like many Dark Angels of his era he had multiple titles including a Knight-Sergeant of the Order of the Shattered Mantle and a Knight-Seneschal of the Deathwing. Mors was inducted into the inner circle of the Deathwing after the Siege of Mykana when he took a shot meant for his commander. His armour bore the bone white which signified a warrior of the Deathwing had taken a mortal wound meant for another as well as the crossed keys on his left greave and the Deathwing initiation icons on his right pauldron which symbolize him as a warrior who is a master in the art of the Deathwing.[1]

During the Thramas Crusade he would fall again, once again shielding the Praetor of the Shattered Mantle from Konrad Curze himself. He was subsequently recovered from the battlefield and interred within a Dreadnought.[1]

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