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Ignace Karkasy

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Ignace Karkasy was a remembrancer poet of great skill and insight, assigned to chronicle the Great Crusade led by Horus and the 63rd Expeditionary Fleet. He was close friends with fellow remembrancers Mersadie Oliton and Euphrati Keeler.[1a]

After the pacification of Sixty-Three-Nineteen, Karkasy was among the first remembrancers to be allowed into an Astartes warzone. He cared little for the contrivances of the Great Crusade and the new plans to reform the conquered planet's culture, and instead wandered into the ruined capital city to find his muse. After composing some inspiring new verses based on defiant civilian graffiti, he was accosted by Imperial military personnel who beat him nearly to death for his subversive comments on the future of the Imperium.[1b] Afterwards he was destined to be shipped back to Terra but Garviel Loken, Captain of the tenth company and member of Horus' Mournival became his sponsor because he thought a man like Ignace, who tells the truth no matter how ugly, was needed.[1c]

When Astartes from the newly-dubbed Sons of Horus legion brought their dying Primarch Horus back to the Vengeful Spirit, Karkasy witnessed their brutal attacks upon the unarmed throng of grieving fleet personnel who had gathered to catch a glimpse of the fallen Warmaster. This horrific incident led the poet to print newsletters warning of the hypocrisy of the Astartes' position.[2a]

His subversive ideas brought him to the attentions of the increasingly paranoid Warmaster Horus, who eventually resorted to having him murdered by his civilian enforcer Maggard. Karkasy's death was disguised as suicide, with Maggard's pistol planted in the dead man's grip and a note constructed from his own writing.[2b]