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Ignatius (Grey Knight)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Grey Knight; for the other uses, see Ignatius (disambiguation).

Brother-Captain Ignatius was a member of the Grey Knights and achieved a long list of accomplishments, while serving his Chapter. Among them are[1]:

After his death in battle, Ignatius' body was returned to the Grey Knight's Fortress Monastery on Titan and his friend, and fellow Brother-Captain, Ceasarian led the procession that took Ignatius to his final resting place within a tomb. When Ignatius' tomb was sealed Ceasarian bowed his head in mourning, for both the loss of his friend and the fact that the Imperium would never know that one of its greatest heroes had died. But Ceasarian took solace from the fact, that Ignatius now stood at the right hand of the Emperor and was now forever bathed in His eternal grace.[1]