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Ignis, known as the Master of Ruin, was a member of the Thousand Sons during the Horus Heresy.[Needs Citation]

An adept of the Order of Ruin, Ignis specialized in the statistical and tactical acumen of war, using a combination of numerology and staggering mathematical acumen to be able to analyze enormous quantities of battlefield data to predict enemy actions and perform incredibly precise battlefield actions. During the Heresy, Ignis joined with Ahriman's party to reclaim the shards of Magnus. During the battle on Kamiti Sona Ignis commanded the warship Khemet but was out-maneuvered by a Knights-Errant stealth corvette commanded by Antaka Cyvaan. Ignis only survived by projecting himself out of the Khemet and into a nearby Reaver Titan.[1] Ignis next appeared during the Solar War, aiding Ahriman in initiating his ritual on The Comet which allowed for traitor forces to appear directly over Luna.[3] During the Siege of Terra he helped plan the attack on the Colossi Gate.[4]

After the Heresy, Ignis joined Ahriman's Prodigal Sons. He later became a double agent for Ahriman in entrapping Sanakht as the warrior attempted to betray them.[2]