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Ikari Fortress

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The Ikari Fortress was the citadel of the forge world of Shenlong, serving as both the Governor's palace and a military bastion.


This page contains spoilers for: Deus Encarmine (Novel)

Built during the Great Crusade, the fortress was one of the most formidable in the subsector, as befitted Shenlong's importance as a manufacturing hub and supply base for the Crusade's war effort. Legend holds that Rogal Dorn once inspected the Fortress's defenses and pronounced them "adequate" - high praise indeed from the primarch of the Imperial Fists.

The Fortress's defenses were all but impregnable, but in 999.M41 the Word Bearers Chaos Space Marines infiltrated the fortress with spies that opened the gates to them, allowing them to capture it intact and dominate the planet.

A force of Blood Angels arrived to liberate the planet, and were able to capture the fortress despite heavy casualties. It was an accomplishment that boosted the quickly-growing reputation of Battle-Brother Arkio, whom the Blood Angels and Shenlongi citizens alike acclaimed as the reincarnation of Sanguinius. The fortress soon became the center of Arkio's fledgling cult, on which he raised a conscript army and prepared to launch a crusade to purge the Word Bearers altogether.