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Ila-Manesh was an Eldar Craftworld.[1]


In 326.M33, a huge warband of the Night Lords descended from the darkness of the Warp on a mission of revenge against the Craftworld. Their aim was simply to eradicate the Craftworld's spirit stones, many of which had previously been stolen from the Crone World of Aesyl-Sar. While delivering justice for this past Eldar sin, the Night Lords unleashed several Defilers. One of these, Ghostcrusher, stood out as a particularly savage machine beast. The Daemon Engine spearheaded a Night Lords' assault upon the Shrine of Eldanesh, incinerating ancient tomes, crushing sacred totems, destroying spirit stones and burning the Guardians who attempted to prevent the desecration. So thorough were the Night Lords in their assault on Ila-Manesh that they left the Craftworld a tomb, with no artifacts and no living Eldar remaining.[1]