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Illyich Szradislav

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Colonel Illyich Szradislav was the commanding officer of the Vostroyan 241st Firstborn Regiment during the Medusa V campaign.

The Colonel is a taciturn, and reserved man, renowned for his practical and analytical approach to leadership. He leaves the motivating speeches and rousing battle-cries to others. Many have said that Szradislav is more suited to logistics than command of a regiment, but this has in no way affected his career.

He believes that the ends justify the means and he is not afraid to adopt the methods of other regiments if they will help him gain a victory for the Imperium. Szradislav is famous for adapting the 241st to suit the situation, and for utilising the exact level of force required to achieve a task.

Szradislav adopted Rough Riders after an experience in the Ultima Segmentum during which several Armoured Fist regiments were seconded to an Attilan Rough Rider Company. The regiment has maintained an attachment of Rough Riders ever since.

He has commanded victories over the Tau on the Frontier World of G7-X49 (Zekon's World) and the successful defence of the City of Konigsloss against Eldar Corsairs.