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Ilyaster Faylech

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Ilyaster Faylech was a member of the Death Guard Legion during the Horus Heresy and later escaped into the Eye of Terror when the Traitor Legions were defeated on Terra.[1a]

During the Legion Wars that followed, he joined the Sorcerer Lord Thagus Daravek's Legion Host Warband and rose to become part of Daravek's inner circle, as well as his personal herald. This however did not stop Ilyaster from betraying Daravek, when his rival Chaos Lord Abaddon the Despoiler sent his Sorcerer Iskandar Khayon to assassinate the Sorcerer Lord. When Khayon contacted Ilyaster, he agreed to assist in the betrayal and when Daravek was on his hidden base on Kulrei'arah they enacted their plan. Their assassin attempt failed though and Daravek escaped, while Ilyaster was left severely wounded[1ia]. Despite their failure, Khayon offered Ilyaster a position in the Black Legion and he agreed and took with him several Death Guard members of the Legion Host, who no longer wished to serve Daravek[1b]. Afterwards, Ilyaster quickly rose to prominence within the Black Legion and became a member of Abaddon's Ezekarion[1c]. He later also took part in the First Battle of Cadia.[1d]