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Imperator Somnium

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The Imperator Somnium was a Command Carrier[2] that served as one of the three flagships of the Emperor during the Great Crusade.[3a]


The Imperator Somnium was constructed not on Mars, but on Terra.[3a] It was a unique, golden vessel of immense size, dwarfing even Imperial battleships in both size and firepower.[1] Its size was on par with that of the Orbital Plates of Terra. The Imperator Somnium was extremely advanced, constructed with the secrets of Terra's Dark Age of Technology. As such, it wielded formidable weaponry such as Volkite Storm Accelerators, multiple Nova Cannons along its keel, Rad-Fusion warheads, and much of its functions were automated, allowing for effective operation with minimal crew.[3a][3b]

The vessel was being used by the Emperor as his flagship by the later stages of the Crusade during the Ullanor Crusade.[2] During the Horus Heresy, in the final stages of the Solar War it was ordered by Rogal Dorn to flee to the edges of the Sol System alongside the Phalanx, Red Tear, and other precious Loyalist vessels. There, it fell under the command of Admiral Niora Su-Kassen's fleet hiding near Saturn. However Su-Kassen allowed the vessel to be used to break the traitor blockade of Terra in order to allow Corswain's Dark Angels to land on the Throneworld's surface. In a dramatic final stand, the Imperator Somnium destroyed four World Eaters Heavy Cruisers and an Emperor's Children Battle Barge before being torn apart by enemy fire.[3b]


"Imperator Somnium" is a rough Latin translation of "The Emperor's Dream" or "The Dream of the Emperor".

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