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Imperial Armour Volumes (List)

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Imperial Armour is a series of works produced by Forge World that detail different miniatures produced by their company, write stories based on these works, and give rules on the works.


There are two original softbound Imperial Armour books. They were produced by Fanatic for the Forgeworld staff in connection with the specialized miniature lines they produced based on pieces originally created in Epic scale.

Initial Editions
Imperial Armour I Cover.jpg

Imperial Armour

Imperial Armour II Cover.jpg

Imperial Armour II


There are thirteen numbered hardbound Imperial Armour books.

Hardbound Editions
Imperial Armour 1 Cover.jpg

Imperial Armour Volume One

Imperial Guard and Imperial Navy

Imperial Armour 2 Cover.jpg

Imperial Armour Volume Two

Space Marines and Forces of the Inquisition

Imperial Armour 3 Cover.jpg

Imperial Armour Volume Three

The Taros Campaign

Imperial Armour 4 Cover.jpg

Imperial Armour Volume Four

The Anphelion Project

Imperial Armour 5 Cover.jpg

Imperial Armour Volume Five

The Siege of Vraks - Part One


Imperial Armour Volume Six

The Siege of Vraks - Part Two


Imperial Armour Volume Seven

The Siege of Vraks - Part Three

Imperial Armour vol8 Raid on Kastorel-Novem cover.jpg

Imperial Armour Volume Eight

Raid on Kastorel-Novem

Imperial Armour vol9 The Badab War pt1 cover.jpg

Imperial Armour Volume Nine

The Badab War - Part One

Imperial Armour vol10 The Badab War pt2 cover.jpg

Imperial Armour Volume Ten

The Badab War - Part Two

IA11 The Doom of Mymeara cover.jpg

Imperial Armour Volume Eleven

The Doom of Mymeara

Imperial Armour 12 Cover.jpg

Imperial Armour Volume Twelve

The Fall of Orpheus

Imperial Armour 13 Cover.jpg

Imperial Armour Volume Thirteen

War Machines of the Lost and the Damned


Imperial Armour Volume Fourteen

Fires of Cyraxus

Six hardbound Imperial Armour books have Second Editions, updating previously published material to later editions of Warhammer 40K.

Second Editions
Imperial Armour 1 second cover.jpg

Imperial Armour Volume One - Second Edition

Imperial Guard

Imperial Armour 2 second Cover.jpg

Imperial Armour Volume Two - Second Edition

War Machines of the Adeptus Astartes

Imperial Armour 3 second Cover.jpg

Imperial Armour Volume Three - Second Edition

The Taros Campaign

The Anphelion Project - 2nd Ed - cover.jpg

IImperial Armour Volume Four - Second Edition

The Anphelion Project

Siege of Vraks - 2nd ed - cover.jpg

Imperial Armour - The Siege of Vraks: Second Edition

The Siege of Vraks

IA11 The Doom of Mymeara cover.jpg

Imperial Armour Volume Eleven - Second Edition: The Doom of Mymeara

The Doom of Mymeara

In 2017, new rule indexes for the 8th Edition of the game were released for all factions


Imperial Armour Index - Forces of the Adeptus Astartes

Adeptus Astartes


Imperial Armour Index: Forces of Chaos

Forces of Chaos


Imperial Armour - Index: Astra Militarum

Astra Militarum


Imperial Armour - Index: Xenos


Additional Volumes

Additionally, unnumbered volumes are released which support the Apocalypse game expansion:


These are the works collected between the editions of the five updates, incorporating the original Imperial Armour softbound book rules that were excluded in the previous hardbound works or giving new rules for pieces without Fourth Edition rules.


Forgeworld have also begun issuing Masterclass volumes which showcase their models while also providing useful modelling tips. These are hardbound.

Other Publications

Horus Heresy

Forgeworld launched a series of hardbound expansions based on the events of Horus Heresy.