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Imperial Armour - Apocalypse Second Edition

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Imperial Armour - Apocalypse Second Edition
IAA - 2nd Edition.jpg
Author(s) Alan Bligh
Cover Artist Rhys Pugh
Released 2011
Pages 128
ISBN ISBN 978-1907964671
Preceded by Imperial Armour - Apocalypse II
Followed by Imperial Armour - Apocalypse (2013)

Imperial Armour - Apocalypse Second Edition is a book published by Forge World to replace Imperial Armour - Apocalypse. It contains updated and brand new rules for using Forge World's models in games of Warhammer 40,000 and Apocalypse, as well as three new Apocalypse missions.

The book has 128 pages and is printed in colour.



Imperial Guard

Space Marines

Forces of the Imperium




Tau Empire


Dark Eldar


Alternate Apocalypse Missions

  • The Lion and the Hawk
  • Fortess Assault
  • Shattered City
  • Rampage of the Beasts

Authors, Artists and Coworkers

During the production of this book, the following persons were involved considerably.

  • Photography, Production & Layout
Paul Rudge, Ian Strickland, Kenton Mills, Sam Lamont, Warwick Kinrade, Tony Cottrell
  • Editor
Talima Fox
  • Forge World model designers
Will Hayes, Daren Parrwood, Mark Bedford, Brian Fawcett, Siman Egan, Daniel Cockersell, Tony Cottrell, Phil Stutcinskas, Shane Hoyle, Stuart Williamson, Sean Green
  • Forge World model painters
Phil Stutcinskas, Paul Rudge, Stuart Williamson, Mark Bedford, Darren Parrwood, Will Hayes, Tony Cottrell, Darren Latham, Kirsten Williams, Martin Footitt, Doug Cameron, Rod Davis, Mark Tate, Fil Dunn, Juan Diez, Keith Robertson, the 'Eavy Metal team
  • Proof readers
Ead Brown, Steve Morris

Additional information

Other Publications


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