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Imperial Bastion

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Imperial Bastion

Imperial Bastions are a type of Imperial fortification. An Imperial Bastion is an imposing edifice built from foot-thick ferrocrete and the remains of faithful servants of the Imperium. As they are relatively easy to construct, some planets boast networks of Bastions that span entire continents.[1] Built to withstand orbital strikes and artillery bombardments, there are few weapons capable of razing them in a single blow. It is with good reason that such fortresses often form the cornerstone of a planet’s defensive strategy.[1][2] Bastions afford their defenders commanding fields of fire. A unit garrisoned within the protective walls can unleash murderous volleys with little fear of reprisal. Heavy bolters jut from a Bastion’s every wall, spitting death at any foes that dare approach. Additional equipment includes a heavy Lascannon and Autocannon quad-mount. Only the most determined assault is likely to shift troops from such a fortification and few who brave an Imperial Bastion’s guns ever reach the walls alive.[1]