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Imperial Fists Armoury

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This is a list of "Named" Imperial Fist specific wargear (ie. Character-specific items or other non-standard wargear).


Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes Source
Death Curse Eviscerator The weapon of Gauthard, Sergeant and Veteran of the 3rd Company - Sentinels of Terra [7]
Duty's End Storm Shield [4b]
Fist of Dorn Thunder Hammer Carried by Darnath Lysander [1a]
Spartean Bolt Pistol
Stormrod Crozius Arcanum Carried by Carnak [2]
Storm's Teeth Chainsword Used by Rogal Dorn
Strikers of Allerox Heavy Gauntlets [4b]
Sword of Sebastus Power sword Awarded to the winner of the Feast of Blades. [5]
Voice of Terra Bolter Used by Rogal Dorn


Name Type Notes Source
The Auric Armour Power Armour Used by Rogal Dorn

Relics and Equipment

Name Type Notes Source
Ætos Dios Thunderhawk Personal gunship of Rogal Dorn
Angel of Sacrifice
Banner of Staganda Victory Honour Banner Relic of the 3rd Company Sentinels of Terra [6]
Bones of Osrak
Book of Five Spheres Treatise on combat Written by Rhetoricus [1b]
Eye of Hypnoth
Hand of Dorn
Icon of the Iron Cage Talisman [3b]
Ossific Relic Battle-Brother Bone [4a]
Pain Glove Punishment Device [3a]
Scrimshaw Tools Tool [4a]
Vigil Pattern Storm Shield Storm Shield

Psychic Abilities

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