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Imperial Fists Armoury

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This is a list of "Named" Imperial Fist specific wargear (ie. Character-specific items or other non-standard wargear).


Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes Source
Death Curse Eviscerator The weapon of Gauthard, Sergeant and Veteran of the 3rd Company - Sentinels of Terra [7]
Duty's End Storm Shield [4b]
Fist of Dorn Thunder Hammer Carried by Darnath Lysander [1a][10]
Fists of Terra Power Fists [9a]
Spartean Bolt Pistol
Stormrod Crozius Arcanum Carried by Carnak [2]
Storm's Teeth Chainsword Used by Rogal Dorn
Strikers of Allerox Heavy Gauntlets [4b]
Sword of Sebastus Power sword Awarded to the winner of the Feast of Blades. [5]
Voice of Terra Bolter Used by Rogal Dorn


Name Type Notes Source
The Auric Armour Power Armour Used by Rogal Dorn
Armour of Tyr [15]
Warden's Cuirasses Armour Plating [9a]

Relics and Equipment

Name Type Notes Source
Ætos Dios Thunderhawk Personal gunship of Rogal Dorn
Auric Aquilas Icons [9a]
Angel of Sacrifice
Banner of Staganda Victory Honour Banner Relic of the 3rd Company Sentinels of Terra [6]
Bones of Osrak
Book of Five Spheres Treatise on combat Written by Rhetoricus [1b]
Eye of Hypnoth
Hand of Dorn
Hand of Defiance Power Fist Wielded by Tor Garadon [8]
Icon of the Iron Cage Talisman [3b]
Ossific Relic Battle-Brother Bone [4a]
Pain Glove Punishment Device [3a]
Scrimshaw Tools Tool [4a]
Vigil Pattern Storm Shield Storm Shield

Psychic Abilities

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