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Imperial Guard High Command Headquarters Group

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High Commander - The Tactica Imperium states that High Command officers should only ever take to the field of battle in the most exceptional of circumstances, for their value to the strategic battle is exponentially greater than any effort they may make on the front line. However, the Tactica does state that every officer in the Emperor's armies should be willing and able to lead from the front lines at all times of great nee, with their presence they will bolster the morale of the men and facilitate victory when all other options are exhausted. When such officers take to the field, they are often accompanied by a personal staff of retainers and bodyguards, to better fulfil their Emperor-given duty.[1]


High-ranking Imperial Guard officers are often accompanied by aides, adjutants and orderlies of all types from scribes to Lexmechanics to all manner of tactical and technical advisers.[1]

Staff Officers - Munitorum staff officers operate at every level of the Imperium's military, coordinating every cog in the mighty machine that is the Imperial Guard. The High Commander is accompanied by such officers such as intelligence, logistics, liaison, artillery fire plan coordinators, each of whom have a specific role to play in the planning and execution of a battle plan.[1]

Imperial Guard Regimental Advisors

Master Astropath - The Adeptus Astra Telepathica is essential to the administration of the Imperial Guard, particularly when communication over interstellar distances is required in order to coordinate large deployments. Only the most high-ranking officers will be accompanied by a Master Astropath, for such men and women are invaluable to the strategic deployment of many millions of troops. On the field of battle these, Masters are adept at thwarting the machinations of enemy psykers.[1]

Scribe Historicus - The Officio Munitorum contains multitudes of scribes, each with an impenetrable range of tasks to perform, often involving the compilation of endless lists of seemingly useless information. Many such scribes accompany the Imperial Guard, collecting data ranging from ammunition expenditure to field ration usage. Some scribes however, do have a more useful function to perform, such as the Scribe Historicus, who records the bold actions of the unit to which he is attached, ensuring that their deeds are entered in the annals of the glorious Imperial Guard.[1]

Batmen - Many Imperial Guard High Commanders are accompanied by a range of flunkies, servants and general dogsbodies, ranging from food-tasters to butlers.[1]

Sage - These aides serve many vital functions within the Adeptus Munitorum, their enhanced mnemonic capacity allows them to process all manner of pertinent data. On the field of battle they are sometimes employed to assist in target acquisition and tactical analysis.[1]


Pastor - Many high-ranking officers employ a personal priest, ~ a representative of the Ecclesiarchy who acts as a confessor and spiritual adviser.[1]