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Imperial Guard Omnibus: Volume One

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Imperial Guard Omnibus Volume One cover.jpg
Publisher Black Library
Released December 2008
Pages 768
Editions ISBN 9781844166718

Imperial Guard Omnibus: Volume One is an omnibus which collects a number of previously-published novels and short stories featuring the Imperial Guard. The book was later republished as Shield of the Emperor, containing the same contents.

Cover Description

In the 41st millennium, the human Imperium fights a constant battle to protect its domains from the many enemies who seek to conquer and overwhelm it. Though the superhuman Space Marines are strong and noble, their numbers are limited, and it is the massed ranks of the Imperial Guard who form the first line of defence. With incredible manpower, and supported by massive battle tanks and hordes of priests, clerks and engineers, it is an indomitable war machine – the Conqueror, the Unstoppable, the Hammer of the Emperor.


Better the Devil

by Steve Lyons

17-year-old Lorenzo made the mistake of insisting that he was ready to join the Jungle Fighters — and for that he wakes up from a drugged sleep, bound hand and foot in a Catachan Devil's lair. Now he must use all of his survival instincts, including a few he never knew he had, to not only survive, but win.

The Citadel

by Steve Parker

In the aftermath of the events of Rebel Winter, Vostroyan General Vogor Vlastan presides over the funeral of his subordinate and erstwhile friend, Colonel Maksim Kabanov, and recalls the campaign where they first met.