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Imperial Guard Sniper

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Imperial Guard Snipers are specialist Guardsmen trained and equipped with some form of sniper rifle.


Their battlefield role is killing important enemy individuals such as commanders. Working from concealed locations, the risk of retaliation against the sniper by the enemy is relatively low. Snipers can be very effective, as a small group or even a lone sniper can hold back the advance of an entire force, as well as demoralizing and frustrating them. They are armed with long-range and high-precision firearms of some type, most commonly the needler or Long-las.[Needs Citation]

On the battlefield, snipers take up their positions hours, or even days before a battle commences. This gives them time to both find a spot with the best concealment, lanes of fire, and to survey the battlefield's surroundings. Concentrated sniper fire can throw enemy units into confusion, as they begin to take casualties without knowing where the fire is coming from.[Needs Citation]

Deathworld Veteran Sniper

Deathworld (Catachan) Veteran Sniper

Deathworld Veteran Snipers are ultra-specialists in both covert operations and jungle/forest warfare, often coming from Catachan and other similar Death Worlds. They are armed with a sniper rifle and come in groups of one to three, although they rarely work together as individuals are easier to hide than groups.[Needs Citation]

They often impregnate their bullets with toxins which give them a second chance at killing the enemy, if the bullet didn't succeed then the poison probably will. They are also excellent at disappearing in terrain as well as making use of the best cover in their operating environment.[Needs Citation]

Famous Imperial Guard Snipers

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