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Imperial Paladins

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The Imperial Paladins are a Codex Chapter of unknown origin.[1]

Marine Basic Data Chapter Symbol
Imperial Paladins Battle-Brother.jpg
- Imperial Paladins -
Founding Chapter: Unknown
Founding: Unknown
Chapter Master: Unknown
Homeworld: Unknown
Fortress-Monastery: Unknown
Colours: Dark Blue with gold chest eagle.[1][2]
Pauldron trim denotes company[2]
Specialty: Unknown
Strength: Unknown
Battle Cry: Unknown
Imperial Paladins Livery.jpg


Sometime during the Macharian Crusade, the 4th Company of the Imperial Paladins was possessed by unknown Xenos on the Ocean World of Nereus. During the Macharian Heresy, the Minotaurs hunted down and destroyed the corrupted Marines.[3]

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