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Imperial Psychic Powers

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This is a list of the powers used by the psykers in service to the Imperium.

Space Marines

The Librarians are charged with a multitude of duties in service to their Chapter, but on the battlefield their primary duty is that of combat support for their fellow battle-brothers.[1] Most of their abilities are focused on improving their already-formidable combat abilities, creating force shields or directing bolts of destructive psychic energy at the enemy.[1] As Librarians increase in skill, they are able to wield more subtle abilities, such as seeing into the future or redirecting bullets with telekinesis.[1]

Below are a few of the more well-known Librarian psychic powers:

Space Marines
Name Notes/Effects Sources
The Avenger A destructive avatar of roiling flame is summoned that leaves immense destruction in its wake. [1]
Fear of the Darkness Sheer terror overcomes the Librarian's foes as their souls are pierced with the horror of death and the truth of their insignificance in an uncaring universe. [13]
Force Dome A force field is created around the Librarian and nearby companions, protecting them from harm. [1]
Fury of the Ancients A psychic creature of fire charges forward, burning anything or anyone caught in its path. [13]
The Gate of Infinity The Librarian is able to create a safe passageway through the Warp, allowing him and his battle-brothers to teleport to any location on the battlefield. [1]
Machine Curse The Librarian curses a target vehicle's machine spirit to malfunction and potentially cause itself harm. [1]
Might of Heroes The Librarian calls upon the power of the Warp to heighten the speed and strength of himself or another to unimaginable levels. [13]
Might of the Ancients The Librarian uses the power of the Warp to increase his strength to unimaginable levels. [1]
Null Zone This power removes the mystical defenses of any enemy within range of the Librarian. [1]
Quickening The Librarian gains precognitive powers, allowing him to outfight his enemies by seeing their movements before they even act. [1]
Smite The Librarian shoots bolts of lightning from his finger-tips, rending his foes with psychic energy [1][13]
Storm of the Emperor's Wrath Bolts of psychic lighting shoot out from the Librarian's hands, incinerating even the most heavily-armoured foes. [13]
Veil of Time The Librarian steps out of phase with time, witnessing myriad potential futures and using that knowledge to alter the course of events to prevent or bring them about. [13]
Vortex of Doom A hole is torn between real and warp space, consuming any unlucky foe (or friend) caught in its path. [1][13]

Chapter-Specific Powers

Some Chapters are able to call upon their own brand of specialized psychic powers. Below are a listing of some of these Chapters and their respective abilities.

Blood Angels

Though the psyker gene is more common among the Blood Angels and their successor chapters than in others, Librarians still remain a much-prized rarity.[6a] They also stand somewhat apart from their fellow battle-brothers, not only because of their psychic abilities, but also their responsibility of swift and merciful execution should one fall to Chaos or the Black Rage.[6a] Nevertheless, their abilities in battle are near-limitless, able to shatter adamantine plates with bolts of psychic energy or cause their enemy's blood to boil.[6a] The Blood Angels also preserve their mortally-wounded Librarians within the armoured hold of a Furioso Dreadnought, combining their deadly psychic abilities with the strength of a Dreadnought body.[4a]

Below are some of the specific powers used by Librarians of the Blood Angels and their successors.[6b]

Blood Angels
Name Notes/Effects Sources
Blood Boil The Librarian causes his foe's blood to explosively burst from every pore.
The Blood Lance The Librarian summons a gore-splattered lance and launches it at his enemies, skewering man and machine caught in its path.
Fear of the Darkness Projecting a wave of sheer terror, the Librarian causes all enemies before him to fall back in fear.
Might of Heroes The Librarian enhances his already considerable strength and speed to unimaginable heights. [14]
Quickening Increases attacks of an ally. [15]
The Sanguine Sword Infused with a sliver of his inner rage, the Librarian's Force Weapon becomes more deadly as it takes on a crimson hue.
Shackle Soul Reaching into his enemies' minds, the Librarian crushers their will to fight.
Shield of Sanguinius A shimmering golden barrier is erected around the Librarian and his nearby companions, protecting them from harm.
Smite The Librarian shoots bolts of lethal ruby-red lightning from his fingertips that tear apart his enemies. [15]
Transfixing Gaze His eyes transformed into blazing pits of despair, the Librarian weakens his enemy's resolve during a fight. [7][14]
Unleash Rage The Librarian unleashes the savagery locked within his battle-brothers' minds to turn them into unstoppable killers.
Wings of Sanguinius The Librarian achieves flight thanks to two blood-red wings of psychic energy emerging from his back. [14]

Space Wolves

As much as the Space Wolves are a departure from the Codex Astartes, so too are their Librarians. Known as Rune Priests, their powers are based upon the shamanistic traditions of their homeworld, Fenris. They believe that the power they use comes not from the Warp, but from the energy living within themselves and from Fenris, and predict the future through the casting of runes carved from the bones or teeth of one of their totem animals.[8] Whatever their beliefs, their results cannot be argued against. These Rune Priests are able to see into the future, summon a mighty storm to conceal an army's advance, or shatter their enemies with a mighty word of power.[9]

Below are some of the specific powers used by Rune Priests of the Space Wolves:[9]

Space Wolves
Name Notes/Effects Sources
Fury of the Wolf Spirits The Rune Priest summons the charcoal-black spirits of Freki the Fierce and Geri the Cunning, two of the most exulted Thunderwolves from the netherworld, and sets them upon the enemy, their fangs causing horrific wounds as their howls drive the foe into madness.
Jaws of the World Wolf The spirit of the world opens its maw, creating chasms that swallow and destroy all in the Rune Priest's path.
Living Lightning Sentient electricity arcs from the sky into the ranks of the enemy, leaving blackened corpses in its wake.
Murderous Hurricane Bellowing forth an ancient curse and summoning icy winds, the Rune Priest's foes are consumed by a blizzard, its psychic ice tearing flesh and slowing advance.
Storm Caller The Rune Priest calls forth a vortex of ice and winds that crackle with psychic energy, obscuring the Rune Priest and his allies from their enemies. [17]
Tempest's Wrath Calling to the wind spirits of a raging storm, the Rune Priest punishes all enemy units and vehicles that fly in the air around him, smashing them into the stony ground below.
The Gate Links certain points with small, temporary warp gates through which user's allies can pass to emerge elsewhere. [18]
Thunderclap Using a word of power, and slamming his gauntlets together, the Rune Priest can shatter stone and liquefy the brains of those nearby.

Dark Angels

Like those of other Chapters, Dark Angels Librarians are charged with recording the Chapter's history and defending their brethren from the psychic abominations of the enemy, whether by incinerating them with unnatural warp energy or conjuring horrors to render them frozen with fright. However, they also have another, secret duty to perform outside the battlefield. Whenever one of The Fallen is interrogated, a Dark Angels Librarian is always present to weaken the prisoner's psychic defenses and help the Interrogator-Chaplains to extract the truth.[12]

Below are some of the specific powers used by Librarians of the Dark Angels and their successors.[12]

Dark Angels
Name Notes/Effects Sources
Force Barrier Creates a shimmering psychic shield that protects the Librarian from enemy attack. [12b]
Hellfire Creates a torrent of psychic flames that engulfs the enemy. [12b]
Mind Worm The Librarian hurls a bolt of psychic energy at the enemy's mind, causing a deadly mental seizure. [12b]
Weaken Resolve Scares enemies and forces them back. [16]

Iron Hands

Iron Hands
Name Notes/Effects Sources
Betrayal of Flesh Harnessing his hatred for weakness, the Librarian sunders the flesh of his enemies with a blast of psychic power, reducing his enemies to dust. It's ineffective against daemonic and mechanical entities [10a]
Deus Ex Ferrum The Librarian focuses his mind and links his iron will to the strength of his augmetics, boosting himself and his allies strength and toughness. [10a]
Punish the Weak The Librarian summons forth a roiling tornado of force around himself, harshly tearing at the flesh of anyone not strong enough to stand against its assault. [10a]

Raven Guard

Raven Guard
Name Notes/Effects Sources
Corax’s Ingenuity The Librarian plunges his mind into the Warp, harnessing its power. He is infused with power, embodying the pure ideals of Corax, and emanating his power to those around him. [10b]
Curse of the Raven The Librarian curses an opponent, condemning him to death at the hands of the Emperor’s champions. Warp energies eat at the target’s mind, and reveal weaknesses in his defences that the Battle-Brothers can exploit. [10b]
The Unkindness of Deliverance The Librarian manifests his psychic power as an unkindness of ravens. Black as night, these ferocious birds swarm over his opponents. [10b]


Name Notes/Effects Sources
Fury of the Salamander The Librarian conjures the flame and fury of his home world and the terrible lizards that dwell upon it, and drives it towards his enemies. The roiling flames twist and writhe into the form of an ancient and powerful drake, its malevolent visage inspiring dread. [10c]
Heat of the Furnace The searing heat of the forge runs through the veins of the Salamanders, and the Librarian can turn that heat outwards, wreathing himself in flame that enemies cannot bear to be near, and which causes flesh to burn and blister at his touch. [10d]
Nocturne’s Fire The volcanic fury of Nocturne is a deep and powerful force, and terrifying when fully unleashed. Salamanders are reluctant to use this power unless absolutely necessary, for it can be difficult to control once unleashed. The area around the Librarian is suddenly engulfed in a raging inferno which few things can withstand. [10d]
Vulkan’s Anvil The Librarian draws upon the unyielding endurance that the Salamanders are legendary for, becoming an anvil against the attacks of his enemies. There is little that can strike a Librarian down when he manifests this power. [10d]

White Scars

White Scars
Name Notes/Effects Sources
Heart of the Khan The Stormseer reaches deep into the legacy of Jaghatai Khan, and brings forth the legendary swiftness and ferocity of the White Scars’ Primarch. [10e]
The Howling Wind The Stormseer gathers the powerful winds of the Chogorian steppes, driving them forwards to cast aside the enemy. [10f]
Spirits of the Steppes The Stormseer calls upon the spirits of the land, air, and the souls of long-dead warriors to bring some fragment of the harsh steppes of Chogoris to the battlefield he walks upon. It is said that so long as these forces of nature fight alongside them, the White Scars will always be victorious. [10e]
Stormlance The Stormseer calls upon the lightning that embodies his Chapter’s way of war, and brings it to bear against his enemies. [10f]

Imperial Fists

Imperial Fists
Name Notes/Effects Sources
The Golden Son The Librarian is transformed into a radiant figure suffused with the power and nobility of Rogal Dorn. Friends witness a glorious sight not seen since Rogal Dorn himself walked amongst Men, while enemies see the fiery harbinger of their doom. [11a]
Into the Crucible The Librarian calls upon the spirits of all those Imperial Fists who gave their lives at their Primarch’s side during the battle of the Iron Cage. The blows of his enemies are turned aside or healed by the incarnate force of his ancestors. [11a]
Noble Praetorian Reaching into his soul and his genetic inheritance, the Librarian channels a portion of Dorn’s noble spirit, making himself a champion of the weak and a defender of the just. [11a]
Stonebane The Librarian channels the will of Dorn into an attack so terrible that no wall or fortification will be left standing. The ground quakes, the skies darken and the air itself screams as a mighty etheric hammer manifests itself in the Librarian’s grip. [11a]
Ultimate Sacrifice The Librarian channels the selfless spirit of the Imperial Fists into himself, causing fate to deliver blows meant for his fellows to strike him instead. [11a]
Wave of Penance The Librarian reaches into the ether and draws forth all of the pain suffered by his ancestors in the self-imposed atonement of the pain-glove and a hundred other such rituals. In an instant, ten thousand years of penance is unleashed upon his foes, every iota of pain ever felt by the Chapter turned back upon its foes in an unstoppable blast wave. [11a]


Name Notes/Effects Sources
Alien Minds By reading the moods and surface thoughts of nearby aliens the Epistolary can anticipate their actions and gain insight into their intentions. [11b]
Bond of Brotherhood The Epistolary focuses his mind upon the links between himself and his fellow Battle-Brothers in the Kill-team, inspiring them with scenes of victory and shared peril. Alternatively, the Librarian may also use this power to subtly support the weight of his arguments in council or when influencing other Chapters. [11b]

Blood Ravens

Blood Ravens
Name Notes/Effects Sources
Battle Sight Blood Ravens Librarians can cast their mind across a battlefield, world, or even system for hints and clues to the movements and deployments of their enemies that may have gone undetected by more conventional means. A Librarian may use this psychic power in two different ways, choosing its application before he manifests it. The first application of this power is to gain an immediate tactical edge in combat and is most useful when facing immediate battlefield threats, revealing the position of all enemies within range that have hostile intentions toward the Librarian. This does not track the movements of these enemies or their actions, but simply informs the Librarian of their presence, direction, and distance from his current location. The second use of this power is to gain a broad strategic overview of an area and information on how better to complete a mission, or overcome a foe. [19a]
Truth Seeker Truth Seeker allows a Librarian to find details and clues that he might have otherwise missed, drawing his attention to areas or objects of interest. While this power is active, the Librarian is more aware of minor, often inconsequential details. In addition, if he is unsure of which direction to proceed in an investigation or where to find and object or person he can gain a clue. [19a]
Warp Whispers The Librarian can listen to the babblings of the Warp and perceive the secrets of its denizens, sifting through the noise and maddening chatter to find grains of truth. It is a practise not without peril, however, and many Librarians dare not even attempt such follies, though those of the Blood Ravens know that true knowledge can never be gained without a degree of danger. When the Librarian activates this power, he learns a number of “secrets” equal to his Psy Rating. These are minor things, fragments of knowledge and nonsense that he must then carefully consider for their worth. He can then uses these “secrets” to gain insight into his immediate future. Warp Whispers is not without its dangers and may cause Perils of the Warp. [19a]

Red Scorpions

Red Scorpions
Name Notes/Effects Sources
Bone Breaker Description: The Red Scorpions Librarian focuses his might and will into the blows he rains down on his enemies, filling his arm with righteous vigour. Even blows which would otherwise cause no damage send shockwaves through his enemy’s body, pulping flesh and breaking bones. [19b]
Tormented Flesh The Librarian focuses on his foe’s flawed physiology and corrupted spirit turning it against them. The enemy’s flesh will literally rebel against its owner as it twists, oozes, and bursts, fleeing the taint which saturates it. This power is only effective on foes which either are corrupted, have a mutation or a daemonic gift. If the Librarian’s target fails using this power they get struck with damage equal to most pervasive effect on the target. [19b]
Word of the Codex Astartes The Librarian calls to the common bond between Battle-Brothers as laid down by the Codex Astartes and reminds Space Marines of their sacred duty and powerful heritage. This power infuses nearby Space Marines with new purpose and devotion, boosting their moral and banishing any doubt. [19b]

Marines Errant

Marines Errant
Name Notes/Effects Sources
Darkness Gate Summoning up the potent energies of the Warp, the Librarian folds space between points within the void and brings them closer together for an instant allowing Space Marines to pass between them. Darkness Gate has effects similar to a teleportarium, allowing objects from one point to be transferred to another in a rapid instance via the conduit of the Warp. It only works for a small group of individuals and only across an airless space like the void, but it can be effective for staging hit and run attacks. The Librarian picks a point in space which he can observe, such as a distant ship. Provided there are no obstacles or atmosphere between the point he can see and the point he is standing, a momentary gate will open allowing him and his companions to step through. Perils of the Warp can be particularly dangerous when using this power. [19c]
Shadows in the Stars The Librarian can look out into the inky black of the void and see things mere sensors cannot, reading the ebb and flow of the darkness and the Warp which lies beneath it. The Librarian can perceive any objects in space within range of this power, including celestial phenomena and vessels or ordnance. Even if they fails the Librarian as a general idea of hazards though not their exact location. If this power is used in conjunction with a vessel’s bridge crew it will augment their ships sensors and help them avoid hazards and ordinance. [19c]
Void Hammer Summoning up a brutal burst of energy, the Librarian smashes objects and batters structures with raw psychic power. Against individuals, this power can knock them down and break their bones, but against inanimate objects it can rend apart walls and buckle bulkheads. The Librarian picks a point within range and line of sight as the impact point of the Void Hammer. Any individuals within 3m of this point will be hit by the concussive blast. Objects such as walls, supports, and doors are far more badly affected and can be used to punch holes in objects, destroy them or bring down buildings by destroying supports. This ability can also be used effectively against vehicles, damaging them just as it would a bulkhead or blast door. [19c]

Flesh Tearers

Flesh Tearers
Name Notes/Effects Sources
Depths of Rage Librarians of the Flesh Tearers Chapter are well versed in the use of psychic powers while struggling with the Black Rage and Red Thirst. Many have even developed powers which tap into the rage deep within them and use it to fuel their powers or enhance their abilities. The Librarian can use this power to send himself and it's allies into a frenzy. [19d]
Flensing Flesh Tearers often live up to their name when engaged in combat, skinning their foes with well-practised blows from their blades and chain weapons. Librarians of the Chapter are no exception and the Flensing power has been developed with such hideous injuries in mind. When the Librarian uses this power he can choose multiple targets to strip their skin and muscle away. Targets slain by Flensing are reduced to a collection of bloody bones and meat and are completely unrecognisable, though their armour and equipment remains intact (if soaked in blood). [19d]
Razor Blades A Flesh Tearers Librarian, like other Space Marines of his Chapter, understands and appreciates the virtues of a good sharp blade. By focusing his psychic powers the Librarian can make edges keener and steel sharper so that it might more easily bite into flesh and bone. [19d]

Crimson Fists

Crimson Fists
Name Notes/Effects Sources
Bloody Fist Crimson Fists Librarians have mastered powers which aid them in the destruction of xenos, especially those with tough hides and thick skins that might thwart a normal attack or rob it of its power. With the Bloody Fist power, the Librarian infuses his melee attack with extra force allowing him to inflict some damage even if his blow does not breech the creatures armour or hide. [19e]
Enduring Duty Duty is paramount to a Crimson Fists Space Marine and even when the shadow of death falls upon him or his companions he will continue to fight on to the end. The Librarian steels his own spirit or that of one of his companions to fight on to the end, even when the body should have given up and all hope is gone. Either the Librarian or a single ally within range can be the target of enduring duty. Even with the psychic will of the Librarian sustaining him, the Battle-Brother can still be destroyed (and killed). [19e]
Hammer of Man The Crimson Fists Librarian focuses his hatred of xenos into a tangible force which he projects out around him causing pain and anguish to any who are not human. Any xenos affected by this power will be instantly aware of its source and may seek out the Librarian as a target to end their pain. This power only effects xenos and has no effect on creatures which are not truly alive (such as daemons or machines) or have even a small degree of human ancestry (such as most mutants, abhumans, and of course Space Marines). [19e]

Howling Gryphons

Howling Gryphons
Name Notes/Effects Sources
Blood Oath Librarians of the Howling Griffons Chapter take their oaths as seriously as any of their brothers and can bind them psychically with blood to make them more potent and enduring. The Librarian calls upon his eldritch powers when taking an oath at the start of a mission, committing not just his word but his spirit to the binding and seeding it with a few drops of his own blood. This power can be used only at the start of a mission and any other members of the Kill-team may choose to participate in the Oath-taking with the Librarian. Blood Oath has no chance of incurring Perils of the Warp. [19f]
Griffon’s Howl The Librarian calls to the Warp and draws forth a mighty cry like a diving bird of prey to cow his foes with fear and shatter their resolve. This cry is also a potent weapon against Warp spawn and can shake the ties which bind them to the material plane sending them back from whence they came. [19f]
Periclitor’s Bane The Howling Griffon’s intense hatred of the Word Bearers and their lord Periclitor has been translated by the Chapter’s Librarian’s into a number of abilities targeted at the traitor legionnaires. When the Librarian summons up this power, he is creating an agonising resonation targeted at one of the traitor legions. [19f]


Name Notes/Effects Sources
Ancestral Strength Drawing on his pure heritage of the Ultramarines, the Novamarines Librarian boosts his abilities for a time, making him more formidable in battle. Such a boost is not without its dangers, and even increasing the raw potential of the Librarian for a short time can have negative effects, draining what was strengthened after the power wears off. [19g]
Sky-sight The Novamarine Librarian lifts in consciousness and gazes down upon a battlefield from on high picking out details on the ground that even the most sophisticated of sensors might miss. However, while he is gazing at the battlefield, his mind is elsewhere and he is vulnerable to attack and unable to adequately defend himself. [19g]
Vulnerability The Novamarines Librarian can exploit a vulnerability in his foe, making it more susceptible to a certain attack or form of damage. This can be especially useful against powerful foes which would normally be very resistant to injury giving the Librarian’s squad a chance to deal damage and defeat it. [19g]


Name Notes/Effects Sources
Librarian’s Farsight The Librarian calls upon his psychic gifts to enhance his vision and grant himself a hunter’s gaze which can use to sweep across the battlefield to find targets. This keen sight not only allows the Librarian to pick out targets at extreme ranges but also thwart their attempts to hide, differentiating shapes from within shadow to see those that are trying to hide from him. This ability can also be used to see fine detail from the same distance which normal sight might not be able to see. This power only works when the Librarian is using his own vision and does not function in conjunction with scopes or lenses which would enhance ranged vision. [19h]
Raptor’s Wings Raptors have an affinity for striking from the sky, making extensive use of jump packs and land speeders to descend on their foes from unexpected angles. The Librarian can manifest great wings of psychic power with which to bear him aloft. While active, the others will be able to see the Librarian’s wings as crackling green nimbuses of energy arch up over his shoulders and can make it very difficult for him to hide. Also, when he moves if the wings brush against any surface they will crackle and burn with contained warp energy (though the surfaces or objects they touch suffer no harm). [19h]
Screaming Eagles The Raptors Librarian can summon forth a swarm of shadowy birds of prey from the Warp which rise up from the ground screaming for the blood of his enemies, stunning or deafening the Librarian enemy. The effects of this power also have the effect of creating a brief cloud of darkness when the ethereal birds spring from the ground, and, though not complete darkness, this does foul vision and cast a shadow over the area of effect as thousands of black beating wings arch skyward. [19h]


Name Notes/Effects Sources
From the Depths The Carcharodon Librarian clouds the minds of his adversaries with a choking mental darkness, amplifying their fear and surprise so that it paralyses them. Their minds writhe with images of watery depths of numbing cold and writhing pelagic shapes, leaving them vulnerable to assault. Once an enemy has been affected by this power, he is immune to it for 24 hours. [19i]
Rending Maw The Librarian calls forth the avatar of a great oceanic predator whose maw erupts from the very ground beneath the enemy. The very stones and earth reform into the shape of jaws and teeth that snap shut, consuming all within in a shower of gore. Those that are bit are dragged below with

the retreating maw, and if they survive they will have to claw their way back to the surface.



Ordo Malleus

Inquisitors of the Ordo Malleus, also known as Daemonhunters, often use the powers of the Warp in their fight against its very denizens. Although such witchcraft is usually tolerated, certain acts, such as the creation of a Daemonhost, will result in a declaration of Excommunicate Traitoris and the offender hunted down for execution.[4b] Below are a few of the more well-known abilities employed by Ordo Malleus Inquisitors:[4c]

Ordo Malleus
Name Notes/Effects Sources
Banishment The psyker bends his will to dissolve the material bonds of his daemonic foe, forcing them back into the warp.
Destroy Daemon Chanting litanies of purity in time with his blows, the psyker causes damage to the daemon's warp-spawned substance.
Hammerhand The psyker uses his mental powers to increase his strength, allowing him to tear apart adamantine plates with his bare hands.
Holocaust Igniting the air around themselves in flame, the user incinerates anything that comes too close.
Sanctuary Creates a psychic shield around themselves and their companions that is proof against any daemon.
Scourging The psyker splits the air apart as bright arcs of soul-lightning destroys anything in its path.
Word of the Emperor Chanting canticles and liturgies, the psyker causes crippling fear in their foe, daemon or otherwise.

Grey Knights

A chapter composed entirely of psykers is a huge threat to any daemonic force, increasing their survivability and slaying foes by sheer will alone.[20] Although all Grey Knights are capable of performing psychic attacks, those that excel at controlling the energies of the warp are taken into the cult of the librarius and trained further to maximize their potential.[20m]

Grey Knights
Name Notes/Effects Sources
Dark Excommunication The Psyker weakens foes by severing their link to their gods, nullifying any daemonic enhancement they may have. [20a]
Hammerhand The Psyker focuses the rage within his mind which bolsters his strength further, allowing him to tear apart adamantine plates with even his bare hands. [20a]
Might of Titan The Psyker draws his strength from legends past, increasing the might of himself and others. [20a]
Quicksilver The Psyker is able to talk to the Grey Knights subconsciousness, enhancing the speed of their attacks. [20a]
Sanctuary Chanting words of binding, the psyker creates an area of psychic pressure around him and his allies that hinders the foes assault. [20a]
The Shrouding The Psyker clouds the minds of his foes by creating a ghostly shadow only they can see, causing their aim to sway true. [20a]
Smite Bolts of lightning shoots from his hand heading towards the unlucky foe, electrifying them with a volley of lethal psychic energy. [20a]
The Summoning The psyker can lessen the distance from one place to another by creating a bridge through the warp. [20a]
Vortex of Doom A hole is torn between real and warp space, consuming any unlucky foe (or friend) caught in its path. [20a]
Warp Rift The Psyker rips the edges of the warp and the material plane, sending those in his path to eternal damnation. [20a]

Most squads and some characters of the grey knights employ specific psychic abilities which enhance their already formidable strategies.

Grey Knights
Name Notes/Effects Access Sources
Astral Aim The squad is able gaze upon their foe through many obstacles, mysteriously guiding their shots to the chosen target. Purgation Squad [20b]
Cleansing Flamer The Squad can send forth the burning hatred in their souls to consume the foe. Purifier Squad [20c]
Fortitude The Rhino activates its psycho-reactive armour plating, reducing the effects of incoming attacks. Dreadnought, Land Raider, Razorback, Rhino, Stormraven Gunship [20d]
Heroic Sacrifice When fallen in battle, the brotherhood-champion can reanimate his broken body to enact his vengeance upon his slayer. Brotherhood Champion, Crowe [20e]
Holocaust The squad can concentrate their power, causing a ball of white hot flame to incinerate their foes. Paladin Squad [20f]
Psychic Barrage Combining their might into one powerful attack, the Sanctioned Psykers can penetrate even the thickest plasteel. Sanctioned Psyker [20g]
Psychic Communion The commander is able to contact the minds of those under his command, guiding them onto the battlefield when needed most. Grand Master,

Brother Captain

Reconstruction The Techmarine can look into the warp signature of machinery, seeing clearly which rites to perform that will heal the machine spirit. Techmarine [20i]
Sanctified Flame Draigo unleashes his psychic might onto any within his path, reducing foes to cinders and sending daemons to the warp. Kaldor Draigo [20j]
Warp Quake The squad can bend the space of the immaterial and material plane, causing locater beacons, teleporters and the like to malfunction. Interceptor Squad,

Strike Squad

Zone of Banishment Stern can concentrate his psychic might, sending foes (and friends) not strong enough to repel the attack into the warp. Arvann Stern [20l]

All Grey Knights are able to channel their psychic powers through their Aegis power armour, giving them protection against even the most powerful psychic attacks.[4e]

Ordo Hereticus

Inquisitors of the Ordo Hereticus, also known as Witch Hunters, often use the powers of the Warp in their fight against witches and other heretics. Those who do are seen as Radicals by their more Puritanical brethren, and has served as a source of conflict within the order.[4e] Below are a few of the more well-known abilities used by these Inquisitors:[5a]

Ordo Hereticus
Name Notes/Effects Sources
Divine Pronouncement The psyker invokes the Emperor's power to pronounce His judgment, causing his enemies to flee in terror.
Hammer of the Witches Enemy psykers are consumed by the divine purity of the Emperor.
Hammerhand The psyker uses his mental powers to increase his strength, allowing him to tear apart adamantine plates with his bare hands.
His Will Be Done The psyker manifests the Emperor's divine will, inflicting more grievous wounds during combat
Purgatus The enemy's mind is filled with the unbearable truth of his sins, reducing him to a drooling, crippled thing.
Scourging The psyker splits the air apart as bright arcs of soul-lightning destroys anything in its path.
Word of the Emperor Chanting canticles and liturgies, the psyker causes fear in their foe, daemon or otherwise.

Sisters of Battle

The Adepta Sororitas represent the epitome of faith and purity within the Imperium of Man.[5b] To wield the powers of the Warp would be completely anathema to them, yet such is their Shield of Faith that it can nullify any psychic power, even those of a friendly or helpful nature.[5b]

Instead, the Sisters of Battle perform Acts of Faith, manifestations of the Emperor of Mankind's divine purpose.[5b] These small miracles are unlike any psychic power; defenses or weapons useful against normal psykers have no effect on them.[5b] Below are a few of the more well-known manifestations:

Sisters of Battle
Name Notes/Effects Sources
Hand of the Emperor The Sisters channel His wrath through their bodies, given them preternatural strength and courage. Codex: Witch Hunters (3rd Edition), pg. 18
Divine Guidance The Will of the Emperor guides the Sisters' shots, allowing them to shatter armor and penetrate weak points. Codex: Witch Hunters (3rd Edition), pg. 18
The Passion Inspired with holy fervour, the Sisters' reflexes are enhanced to better overcome His enemies. Codex: Witch Hunters (3rd Edition), pg. 18
Light of the Emperor Filled with fear of failing Him, the Sisters will shirk from no other terror. Codex: Witch Hunters (3rd Edition), pg. 18
Spirit of the Martyr The weapons of the enemy have no effect on the Sisters until He is ready to receive them in death. Codex: Witch Hunters (3rd Edition), pg. 18
The Emperor's Wrath The enemy are forced back, unable to gain ground as the Sisters of Battle unleash a wrathful storm of bolter fire, melta blast and purging flame. Citadel Journal 49, pg. 20
The Emperor's Deliverance As the Sisters recite rites of destruction, every shot becomes a mortal blow. White Dwarf 380 (US) , pg. 99
Holy Fusillade Praying to the Emperor to focus His wrath through their weapons, the Sisters unleash a torrent of firepower. White Dwarf 380 (US) , pg. 99
Shield of Faith Such is the power of their belief that the Emperor will protect them from mortal injury that the Adepta Sororitas can shrug off the most severe of physical blows and psychic attacks White Dwarf 380 (US) , pg. 94
Endless Crusade Limbs do not tire when the spirit of the Emperor moves them, but find fresh strength in their righteous work. White Dwarf 380 (US) , pg. 95
Pure Faith With total faith in His divine grace, the sister is armored against the foul influence and the corrupting touch of the Unclean. Dark Heresy: The Inquisitor's Handbook, pg. 50
Purge the Unclean Through words, gestures and force of will, faith is channeled such that Daemons may be cowed or cast out by the power of the Emperor. Dark Heresy: The Inquisitor's Handbook, pg. 51
Divine Ministration Becoming a vessel for the Emperor’s mercy and beneficence, His divinity heals where no mere skill can. Dark Heresy: The Inquisitor's Handbook, pg. 51
Wrath of the Righteous Like a killing angel, the sister exacts the Emperor’s righteous

fury on those who deny His dominion over the stars or those who profane that which is sacred.

Dark Heresy: The Inquisitor's Handbook, pg. 51
Blessed Radiance Holiness shining out, the Sister's presence allows all to see the truth of their

own souls. Where she treads, those who follow need have no fear of the darkness, nor suffer the predations of the blasphemous.

Dark Heresy: The Inquisitor's Handbook, pg. 51

Imperial Guard

The Imperial Guard makes reluctant use of psykers, their arcane and blasphemous abilities causing fear and mistrust in even their commanding officers.[2b] Nevertheless, these Sanctioned Psykers are useful for combating the enemy's psychic powers and providing needed battlefield support.[3] One of the most powerful are the Primaris Psykers, a rare breed of highly-trained and gifted individuals whose mental powers allow them to sear the flesh from their enemies' bones or cloud their minds.[2b] Primaris Psykers are commonly attached to high-ranking officers to provide psychic support for front-line troops.[2b]

Astropaths are also commonly attached to command formations, allowing for instant, secure communication over vast distances.[2a] Many Astropaths also have powers of divination, and advise their commanding officer on how best to deploy their forces.[2a]

Lower down are the Psyker Battle Squads, teams of pyskers who function as one entity to better focus their nascent powers.[2c] While individually their powers are weaker and as much a danger to themselves as others, together they are able to wield a power greater than the sum of its parts,[2c] Psyker Battle Squads are able to flatten battle tanks and tear apart the bodies of their enemies.[2c] They are commanded by Overseers, who are given the task of "saving" their souls if they suffer from the Perils of the Warp.[2c]

Below are some of the more well-known powers used by Imperial Guard psykers.

Imperial Guard
Name Notes/Effects Sources
Lightning Arc Bolts of Warp lightning are launched from their hands. [3]
Machine Curse The psyker places a curse on a target vehicle's machine spirit, potentially causing the machine to harm itself. [3]
Nightshroud' The psyker reaches into his enemies' minds, obscuring himself and his companions from their sight. [2b]
Psychic Lash A directed bolt of Warp energy, ignoring armor to rip open the enemy's organs. [3]
Psychic Ward Creates wards around the Psyker or nearby units to protect them against psychic attack. [3]
Soul Storm Favored by Psyker Battle Squads, this power engulfs the enemy in Warp energy to sear their flesh and rip their souls from their bodies. [2c]
Telepathic Order Relays the commanding officer's orders via telepathy. [3]
Weaken Resolve Favored by Psyker Battle Squads, the pyskers evoke irrational terror in their enemies' minds. [2c]

Space Hulk

The Genestealer (1990) expansion for the board game Space Hulk describes four "suits" of psychic powers ostensibly for the use of Space Marine Librarians, but also usable by genestealer hybrid psykers. In addition to the powers below, each suit also included an "Aura" power used to nullify an attack that would normally kill the psyker.

  • The Psionic suit:
    • Control: Psyker briefly takes limited control of an enemy's mind.
    • Miasma: An area effect which dampens psychic abilities.
    • Scan: A clairvoyant ability; in Space Hulk it is used to identify "blips".
    • Smite: Psionically kills all enemies in an area that are not protected by an Aura. c.f. the 40K 3rd edition "Smite" power, above.
  • The Power suit:
    • Assail: Telekinetic power which moves an enemy.
    • Hellfire: Pyrokinetic area attack.
    • Lightning Arc: A chained attack, which strikes from enemy to enemy.
    • Vortex: A whirlwind of force that moves randomly, annihilating everything in its path (bar psykers protecting themselves with Aura.)
  • The Kinesis suit:
    • Blast: Used to smash inanimate objects; to clear terrain and indirectly attack an enemy.
    • Jinx: Prevents guns and doors within an area from operating.
    • Switch: Opens or closes a door at range.
    • Teleport: Opens a temporary portal through the warp in order to teleport elsewhere.
  • The Temporal suit:
    • Burst of Speed: Creates an accelerated time field, allowing the psyker an additional turn.
    • Prescience: Allows second sight a few seconds into the future, providing an attack bonus.
    • Stasis: Freezes time in an area.
    • Warp Time: Slows time in an area, hindering the affected characters.

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