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Imperial Space Station

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An Imperial Space Station

The term "Imperial Space Station" covers a wide variety of orbital installations that cover an equally wide variety of roles, including shipyards, Adeptus Mechanicus research stations, naval command bases, and simple orbital habitats.


Sizable and well-armed, space stations can fend for themselves rather well, and often find themselves at the center of fighting in a system. Additionally, all space stations have docking facilities, with most only able to handle a single Cruiser or Escort squadron at once. The greatest, however, can accommodate multiple ships.[1]

Most shipyards are controlled by the Imperial Navy or Adeptus Mechanicus but, a few worlds, such as Luxor and Verstap in the Gothic Sector or Port Wander in the Koronus Expanse, operate independent ones of their own.[1][2]

During the Gothic War, control of space stations was of critical importance, as the constant battles led to a high demand for refit and resupply facilities. This importance made the various space stations the center of many great battles during the conflict, with an extreme example being the eighteen battles fought for the Chrysalis Shipyards over Arimaspia.[1]

Star Forts

The largest Imperial space stations are known as Star Forts. These gigantic and heavily armed and fortified structures are often used as command bases[3] and even Fortress-Monasteries for Space Marine chapters.[4] A well known class of Star Fort is the Ramilies Class.[3]

Notable Imperial Space Stations