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Imperial Truth

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the doctrine; for the anthology, see The Imperial Truth (Anthology).

The Imperial Truth was a doctrine preached by the Imperium of Man during the years of the Great Crusade.


The contents of this belief involved the removal of religion, faith and superstition that plagued numerous Human worlds that had been recontacted by Terra. Instead, the Imperial Truth was offered by Iterators that provided the cold clarity of logic and science to the masses.[1] Other key aspects of the Imperial Truth was the manifest destiny of mankind to rule the stars, the exceptionalism of humanity, and the danger posed by all xenos.[4] As part of his campaign to spread the Imperial truth, the Emperor's Thunder Warriors destroyed all churches on Terra, believing it to be necessary to have humanity accept science and reason over superstition and barbarism.[3] In truth, the Emperor sought to wipe out superstition and religion as they were easy doors from which the powers of Chaos entered the minds of men.[5]

The Imperial Truth began to disintegrate due to the Horus Heresy and encounters with the Dark Powers of the Warp. Many either turned Traitor as a result or embraced the growing Lectitio Divinitatus which proclaimed that the Emperor was a god.[2]

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