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Imperium Sanctus

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Imperium Sanctus, located south of the Great Rift[3]

The Imperium Sanctus is one of the two halves of the Imperium since the formation of the Great Rift, the other being Imperium Nihilus.


The half of Humanity's domain known as Imperium Sanctus has fared better in the wake of the Great Rift's opening, though this is only speaking compratively. Consisting of Segmentums Solar, Pacificus, Tempestus, and parts of Ultima and Obscurus, it is within the light of the Astronomican. The strategic situation within Imperium Sanctus is more stable and the forces of the Imperium enforce the Emperor's rule throughout it. Despite this, it still suffers from dangerous Warp travel and the inefficient bureaucracy characteristic of the Imperium at large. For all its nihilistic misery and soulless oppression, the Imperium Sanctus continues to grind onwards and sends out to reclaim lost worlds and territory on the other side of the Great Rift.[3a]

The seat of Imperium Sanctus is Terra, capital of Humanity.[3a]