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Index Astartes

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the the White Dwarf articles. For other uses of Index Astartes, see Index Astartes (disambiguation).

Index Astartes is a column in the White Dwarf magazine, a series of books collecting those columns, and a fictive document in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The article series focuses on the Space Marines, describing their background, genetics, individual Legions and Chapters, vehicles, etc. While most of the older articles have been collected in the four books, some can be found only in White Dwarf.

List of Index Astartes articles

Below is a list of all Index Astartes articles published so far with White Dwarf issue numbers and Index Astartes compilation book volumes in which to find them. Note that although the list aims to be complete, some articles may still be missing.

Article White Dwarf UK
White Dwarf US
Index Astartes
Ultra-Marines [sic] 97 pgs. 39–49  —  —
The Mentor Legion: Legiones Astartes Chapter 888 98 pgs. 39–44  —  —
Legion of the Damned 99 pgs. 39–42  —  —
From the Imperial History Archives — the Badab War 101 pgs. 71–73  —  —
Medics 102 pgs. 71–77  —  —
Codex Imperialis 105 pgs. 19–32  —  —
Promethean Warriors: The Salamanders Space Marine Chapter 248 pgs. 30–36  247 pgs. 30–34  —*
Emperor's Shield: Space Marine Chapters of the Armageddon War 249 pgs. 30–33  248 pgs. 76–79  —
Righteous Zeal: The Black Templars Space Marine Chapter 249 pgs. 48–54  249 pgs. 84–90  II
Blood Frenzy: the Flesh Tearers Space Marine Chapter 251 pgs. 24-29  ?  I pgs. 48-51
Codex Astartes: The holy tome of the Space Marines 252 pgs. 27-33  252 pgs. 81–87  I
The Unforgiven: The Dark Angels Space Marine Chapter 254  ?  I
Warriors of Old: Space Marine Dreadnoughts 255 pgs. 10-15  255  I
Children of the Emperor: The Emperor's Children Space Marine Legion 255 pgs. 100-106  ?  I
Bitter and Twisted: The Iron Warriors Space Marine Legion 256 pgs. 14-20  255  I
Lightning Attack: The White Scars Space Marine Chapter 257, pgs. 44-50  256  I
Wolves of Fenris: The Space Wolves Space Marine Chapter 258 pgs. 22-29  ?  II
Psykana Librarius: Space Marine Librarians 258 pgs. 58-62  ?  I
Emperor's Fist: The Imperial Fists Space Marine Chapter 259  258 pgs. 76–81  II
Purge the Unclean: The Grey Knights & Deathwatch Chapters 259 259 pgs. 44–47 II
Bringers of Darkness: The Night Lords Space Marine Chapter 260 pgs. 18-24 259 pgs. 56–64  II
The Cursed Founding: An investigation into a mysterious Space Marine founding 260  260 pgs. 82–86  II
Angels of Death: The Blood Angels Space Marine Chapter 261 pgs. 36-43  260 pgs. 88–95  II
Hand of Justice: The Iron Hands Space Marine Chapter 262 pgs. 64-71  ?  III
Chosen of Khorne: The World Eaters Space Marine Legion 263 pgs. 64-69  ?  III
Warriors of Ultramar: The Ultramarines Space Marine Chapter 264 pgs. 44-51  263 pgs. 18–25  III
The Lost and the Damned: The Death Guard Space Marine Legion 265  264 pgs. 68–75  III
For the Emperor: Space Marine Chaplains 266  265 pgs. 90–93  II
Masters of Forbidden Knowledge: The Thousand Sons Space Marine Legion 267  266 pgs. 62–69  III
Sons of Horus: The Black Legion Space Marine Chapter 268  267 pgs. 30–35  IV
Armoured Personnel Carrier: The Space Marine Rhino 269 pgs. 10–13  ?  —
Dark Apostles: The Word Bearers Chaos Space Marine Legion 270 pgs. 66–73  ?  IV
Armoured Hunter: The Space Marine Predator 271  ?  IV
Promethean Warriors: The Salamanders Space Marine Chapter 274  273 pgs. 114–121  IV
Beasts of Steel: Chaos Space Marine Tanks 275 pgs. 20–23  ?  —
Claws of the Raven: The Raven Guard Space Marines Legion 276  275 pgs. 96–101  IV
The Enemy Within: The Alpha Legion Space Marines Legion 277  276 pgs. 54–61  IV
Know Thine Enemy: The Relictors Space Marine Chapter 281 pgs. 28–31  280  —
Children of the Night: The Space Wolves 13th Company 283 pgs. 24–27  ?  —
Humanity's Shield: Chapters involved in the defence of Cadia 284 pgs. 88–91  ?  —
The Eye of the Storm: Space Marine Chapters fighting in the Eye of Terror 286 pgs. 66–71  ?  —
Bloodied Fist: Crimson Fists Space Marine Chapter 288  ?  IV
Cult of the Machine God: Techmarines of the Adeptus Astartes 291 pgs. 14–17  ?  —
Rogue Sons: Renegade Space Marine Chapters 303 pgs. 68–73  302  IV
Deep Strike: Tactical Dreadnought Armour 304 pgs. 30–35  ?  IV
Knowledge Is Power: The Blood Ravens Space Marines Chapter 305 pgs. 84–88  ?  —
Purge the Alien: Ultramarines Tyrannic War Veterans 306 pgs. 52–57  ?  —
Silent Menace: Space Marine Scouts 312 pgs. 44–47  311
Rites of Initiation: The Creation of a Space Marine August 2017 pgs. 38-43
Crimson Fists: Dorn's Successors January 2019 pgs. 102-109  —
Blood Ravens: Non Shall Find Us Wanting July 2019 pgs. 24-31  —
Dark Angels: Repent! For tomorrow you die! September 2019 pgs. 24-33  —
Flesh Tearers: Sons of Blood December 2019 pgs. 70-77  —
Space Wolves: Inheritors of Russ 452 pgs. 18-27  —
Silver Templars: Focus and Fury 456 pgs. 70-79  —
Tome Keepers: Truth and Concequence 458 pgs. 46-57  —
Emperor's Spears: Warlords of Nemeton 460 pgs. 38-47  —
Exorcists: the Daemons Within 462 pgs. 42-51
The Wolfspear: the Dark Terror 468 pgs. 16-27
Raptors: From shadow, death 494 pgs. 42-49

Index Astartes I

Cover of Index Astartes
Index Astartes is the first of four collected volumes. The book starts, logically, with the articles that help one to understand what makes a Space Marine and what their life is like, as well as including articles on the first four (1st to 5th, to be precise, with the 2nd Legion being lost) Space Marine Legions and other articles.



Index Astartes II

Cover of Index Astartes II
Index Astartes II picks up where the first volume ended, introducing the 6th to 9th Legiones Astartes, three Chapters, and two other articles.



Index Astartes III

Cover of Index Astartes III
Index Astartes III continues with the 10th to 15th Legions (with the 11th Legion missing, as there are no records according to canon) and two other articles that do not belong to the Index Astartes series.


  • Hand of Justice — The Iron Hands Space Marine Chapter
  • Chosen of Khorne — The World Eaters Space Marine Legion
  • Warriors of Ultramar — The Ultramarines Space Marine Chapter
  • The Lost and the Damned — The Death Guard Space Marine Legion
  • Masters of Forbidden Knowledge — The Thousand Sons Space Marine Legion
  • Defenders of Ultramar — The Tyranid invasion of Ultramar
  • Armoured Fury — Space Marine Land Raiders


Index Astartes IV

Cover of Index Astartes IV


  • Sons of Horus — The Black Legion Space Marine Legion
  • Dark Apostles — The Word Bearers Space Marine Legion
  • Promethean Warriors — The Salamanders Space Marine Chapter
  • Claws of the Raven — The Raven Guard Space Marine Chapter
  • The Enemy Within — The Alpha Legion Space Marine Legion
  • Bloodied Fist — The Crimson Fists Space Marine Chapter
  • Deep Strike — Tactical Dreadnought Armour
  • Rogue Sons — Renegade Space Marine Chapters
  • Armoured Hunter — Space Marine Predators


* The Salamanders article in Index Astartes IV is the new (slightly different) version from issue 274

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