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Index Xenos

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Index Xenos is a series of articles appearing in the White Dwarf magazine. The articles provide background information on the alien species – xenos – of the Warhammer 40,000 setting, much like the Index Astartes article series does for Space Marines.

List of Index Xenos articles

Article White Dwarf UK White Dwarf US Author
For the Greater Good: An investigation into the newly discovered Tau Empire 262 pgs. 26-30 Graham McNeill
Savage Evolution: An invistigation into Kroot mercenary society 264 pgs. 94-98 263
Ultimate Predator (Genestealer) 266 pgs. 42-47 265 pp. 72–77
Resurgent Evil (Necrons) 271 pgs. 20-23
The Swordwind (Biel-Tan) 302 pgs. 62–65
Cruelty and Death (Dark Eldar) 311 pgs. 62–66
The Vespid 316 pgs. 50–53
Eldar Rangers 320 pgs. 88–91 319
Aspects of War (Aspect Warriors) 323 pgs. 80-87 322
Ynnari May 2019 pgs. 24-47 Phil Kelly & James Callagher
Goff Orks 454 pgs. 16-25 Dan Harden & Elliot Hammer
Craftworld Altansar: The Broken Chain 473 pgs. 98-105
Sautekh Dynasty: Legions of the Stormlord 496 pgs. 54-61

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