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Indigan Praefects

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Uniform Basic Data Miniature
- Indigan Praefects -
Homeworld: Indiga[1]
Regiment Name: Indigan Praefects
Specialities: Anti-Xenos Warfare[1]

The Indigan Praefects are Astra Militarum Regiments from Indiga.[1]


Their Homeworld is a Death World and the Praefects have the unpleasant task of protecting its natives from the the dangerous animal life that prowls Indiga's surface. The giant predators had once been the pride and joy of its pompous Planetary Governor Constantine Principa Argoy, who purchased breeding pairs of every dangerous creature he could acquire from planets across the Ultima Segmentum. Unfortunately, after a catastrophic earthquake shattered the Governor’s zoos, the giant animals escaped into the wilds to breed and hybridize with each other.[1]

Because of this, the Indigan Praefects have become renowned experts at slaying large and dangerous creatures, and their reputation is such they have been requested as reinforcements in multiple war zones assailed by Tyranids[1], Greyva and unknown beasts[5]. Where these requests have been honored, the Praefects set about eradicating the Xenos fiends with practiced efficiency. Veterans who have faced the Tyranid swarms help to drill new recruits on how to combat the creatures[1]. This includes instructing them on how to bring down a Carnifex using lascannon fire and how to bait Mawlocs with tightly packed infantry formations.[5]

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