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Indranis Campaign

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The Indranis Campaign[1a] (also called the Dentares campaign[1b]) was a military campaign fought between 391-394.M41.[2]


The campaign saw the Imperial forces of the Dentares Wargroup[2] (including a number of Paragonian Regiments[1b][1c]) battle eldar pirates in the Indrani Agri-Cluster.[1b]

The Imperials were victorious in the campaign. Following their success, it was decided that the Wargroup would return to Paragon in order to gather reinforcements for the group's Paragonian regiments.[1b][1c] The newly-revitalised formation was then reformed as Battlegroup Kalidar[2], with their next objective to liberate the planet Kalidar IV from an ork invasion.[1b][1c]

Imperial Order of Battle


Conflicting sources

  • In Chapter 7 of the novel Baneblade, it is mentioned that three Paragonian regiments, including the Paragonian 23rd, fought in the Dentares warzone before returning to Paragon for reinforcement.[1b] However, Chapter 14 names four regiments returning to Paragon from Dentares (and the 23rd is not included in the list).[1c]