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The Infardi (also known as The Pater's Pilgrims) were Chaos Cultists active on the Shrine World Hagia, who composed the primary force opposing the Imperial Guard on Hagia during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. They were led on Hagia by their general, Pater Sin.[1a]

They took their name from the local word for "pilgrim," since they practiced a debased form of worship devoted to the Chaos Gods and deriding the Cult of the Emperor.[1a] The Ayatani, the native priesthood of Hagia, refused to refer to the Infardi as such, instead calling them Ershul, an Ylath word for a chelon that eats its own droppings.[1b]

It is presumed that the Infardi were destroyed upon activation of the psychic amplification device beneath the Shrinehold of Saint Sabbat, save for Pater Sin, who had fled Hagia some days before.[1e]

Assets and Equipment

The Infardi wore robes of emerald green, in mockery of the religious garments worn by Hagia's priesthood, and several were tattooed with Chaos runes and heretical images of Saint Sabbat in congress with Daemons.[1a] Their armoured vehicles were painted lime green.[1c]

Infardi officers were known to be equipped with refractor shields, made on the Chaos-held Forge World of Ermune.[1d]

The cult was well-supplied with armour produced locally in the Sabbat Worlds by Chaos-held Forge Worlds, notably Urdesh. They were capable of fielding armour divisions comprising hundreds of tanks, including AT70 Reavers and N20 Halftracks supported by SteG-4 light tanks and Usurper self-propelled guns. They even had access to at least one Baneblade Super Heavy Tank.[1c]

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